Night Signs | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Posted on 6th December 2015 in adventure, architecture, explored, wandering

Lately I’ve been taking to wandering the streets of Vancouver at night. Part because I’m working pretty hard during the day, and partly because that’s when I find the walk most calming to my mind.

Old signs, new signs, not signs at all. I enjoy capturing landmarks of the Vancouver lower East Side as much as I enjoy capturing the people that walk the streets. Perhaps it’s also a little bit less invasive, and I’m just out to flow.

This particular series of photographs were all taken in one night’s walk: Strathcona, East Side, Gastown, Downtown, Yaletown, and back through Chinatown.

One thing I particularly enjoy about signs is the way that they glow, casting their light upon the surrounding darkness.

I am really quite undecided how I feel about the art of the Sign. When one is in an older city, there are usually a lot less neon signs that were so popularized by the mid 20th century. Then to a¬†Westernized city like, let’s say Vancouver, a city block without a sign feels weird and lonely. On one hand, I really appreciate a great sign that makes sense and was clearly a colossal undertaking. But on the other hand, does this form of advertising need to exist? If you don’t know where you’re going, do you need to be bombarded with this madness?

How do you like the Sign?

Please Dismount Bicycle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Please Dismount Bicycle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Vancouver Street Photography

Posted on 3rd October 2015 in Street Photography, wandering

It’s been a while since I wandered a city for street photographs; people of the street that look interesting enough for me to press that shutter. I always see people that are interesting, but a lot of the time I leave my fast camera at home and stick to my smartphone camera. I guess part of the reason is I spend some much time editing photoshoots that I just feel like walking sometimes.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to re-kindle some young love in me and have taken to the streets of Vancouver to try and learn some new gear that I’ve got – specifically a Sony a7.

I always shoot a mix when I’m out wandering. I look up, I look down, I look around and through. This is the people on the street I photographed, you can see everything else in this post on architecture and graffiti. My path? I walked from Chinatown, to Gastown, to Granville St and Robson Street, back East through Yaletown, across the viaduct between Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium, and back through Chinatown.

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Wandering Vancouver in Autumn

Posted on 3rd October 2015 in architecture, explored, wandering

Lately I’ve been taking to the streets of Vancouver with my camera to photograph anything that I see. This is part my effort to begin studying what it means to be a documenter, and part my effort to learn the new camera I am using, the Sony Alpha7. It’s truly a remarkable camera and I have plans to do a full review of the camera shortly.

Vancouver is a city that I find incredibly beautiful, depending on the day. Some days, golden light shines through semi-tall buildings filled with multi-cultural citizens who spill out into the streets to enjoy the green city, some of them walking or cycling about their business.

Today was one of those days where the city is simply golden.

My path? I walked from Chinatown, to Gastown, to Granville St and Robson Street, back East through Yaletown, across the viaduct between Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium, and back through Chinatown.

This is the architecture, graffiti and other nonsense I found along the way. Street Photography post can be found here.

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East Vancouver Chinatown Photowalk

Posted on 6th March 2012 in Street Photography, wandering

A few weeks ago now a few friends of mine, and friends of theirs, got together for a wandering of sorts; something that is popularly being called a photowalk. This involves a few friends getting together to walk around and take photographs. It’s a cool idea, and I enjoy the opportunity I get to ask other photographers how they are taking their photographs, little styles.

The day turned out to be perfectly sunny, very harsh sun, which I’m finding I love for the contrast it gives on the subject.

As I walked the streets, I asked a friend, @AspiringMedia from twitter, how he was using his 50mm prime, f/1.8 on autofocus and still getting good photographs as he quickly snaps the photograph. He told me that he sees the person coming, and slowly gets them in his frame, and autofocuses them the whole time they’re walking towards him until they are in the desired spot, then the camera is already focused, and *SNAP. Theres the photograph. I know to some of you this may seem obvious, but wow did this just step my game up a notch.

I still complain a little bit about the speed at which the autofocus of my f/1.8 works at [very slow for those of you who don’t know], but I’ve managed to not miss as many of the shots as I was before with this technique. So thanks, man.

Well, how do you think I did using this new technique?

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You Can Do Anything in An Evening Gown with Sandra

Posted on 10th February 2012 in fashion

Sandra (@sandraoco) is a tall girl, with beautiful red hair and a smile that sparks mischievous in an instant. I had no doubt that we had to shoot in front of vivid colors.

Perhaps we were pushing it to try and get some shots of her indoors, with a dark dress and a darker olive coloured couch, but we tried to make it happen! After the little indoor portion, where we moved from the couch, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, we then headed into the streets to find those vivid colours we were looking for. I had just the place in mind.

I’m learning to not be afraid of moving furniture around the house to make it fit my image. So long as I’m just as nice and return it back to where it was before I started! I think doing that also excites people a bit, gets people into it a bit more, as if saying: “Ok, it’s on now. Let’s get dirty!” It’s always fun as the shoots progress, both the model and myself I find warm up to each other, getting comfortable with the process.¬† The creative ideas start to flow, suggestions come out, and I find that the art really starts to come out in a mutual feeding kind of environment.

I’m so happy with the way the outdoor shots turned out. I could have posted about 100 more of them..

This was my first shoot with a model using my diffuser cap. I know, it’s not a very big thing, but still, it was a new way to shoot. It worked pretty good, but I was still getting shadows. I think perhaps this was because I was thinking now that I had a diffuser, I could just point the flash directly at the model and I would have ambient light without shadows. No, no, that’s not how it works, although there was magic, not that kind of magic! So, the rules still apply. You must still try and bounce light off of white ceilings, walls, point the flash off to the side, or hold it at weird angles to fill the area required to avoid any kind of shadow. In these situations, it would be nice to have a second person there to hold it for you, but one can’t always get what they want.

So, without further adieu.

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