Siren | Lu Lee

Posted on 18th November 2014 in fashion, lifestyle

Lu Lee (fb, twitter) and I met on a Thursday and shot on a Sunday; pure business like that.

Lu and I headed out to Lighthouse Park to try and invoke some of mother natures gypsy heart on a foggy morning, and by the time we left there it was one of the sunniest afternoons Vancouver’s ever seen. I guess when a Siren is hanging around the sun comes out to play.

I’ve hiked through this park many times by now. Living in Vancouver and loving the arbutus tree this is probably one of the best parks for finding them in all their beauty, but this is the first time I’ve come out here for a shoot.

(aside: bring comfortable shoes to do the walk from the parking lot to the ocean’s edge)

The beautiful jewels seen in this shoot are all by Miriam of Piyan Designs (fb). One of the key accessories we talked about for the shoot was the felt hat she’s wearing. What a find.

Lu Lee - Ned Tobin - Siren

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Short Shorts Bright Sun | Casey Alexandra

Posted on 9th September 2014 in lifestyle

Meeting Casey Alexandra is like meeting a whirlwind. She’s a bundle of news and insight and hustle. Perhaps it was also the coffee that we got on our way out to Crescent Beach; cobwebs and coffee gets ya good sometimes.

We scheduled this shoot long in advance and had a few locations picked out. We both knew the area which is always good. Once we got to our first location (read: 1000 steps later) we realized this was the only location we needed. But really, these are the kind of places I b-line to, to chill and play my guitar. I’m happy it was low tide.

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At The Ocean with Lola Frost

Posted on 27th October 2013 in risque

As we drove down to Deception Pass, WA the gods were literally throwing buckets of water at us. The whole way down it was raining HARD, windshield wipers on as fast as they can go kind of downpour. But, as we rolled into Anacortes, WA we came out the other side of the beast turning into a pretty nice afternoon for a shoot.

We rolled into the parking lot, and the only other person sharing it with us was a man trying to fish at the other end. Also, there were seagulls! After knowing¬†Lola (fb, twitter) for so long, it’s hard to know what she likes more: to say the name ‘nude onesie’ or to actually wear it. As we got to the spot I liked, I started looking around for which angles would work best. I thought Lola was just pulling out the fabric, but next thing I know she’s about to jump into the ocean!

Naturally I encouraged her!

She said it wasn’t that cold once you got in… Taking the photographs a big wave came and gave me a soaker. After I took off my shoes and socks I let my feet get into the water and holy was that water ever cold. Nobody ever said Lola wasn’t a tough Frost.

Cool thing is that one of the images from this shoot Lola used for her shade of lipstick at Red Burlesque.

2013.09.30 - Lola Frost (34 of 281)

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The Road to San Francisco, California, USA

Posted on 15th November 2012 in adventure, nature

The road to San Francisco, California, USA from Vancouver, BC, Canada is about as beautiful as they come. After Seattle one heads to the coast along what is known as the Oregon Coast, or Highway 101, and finds themselves winding around boulders and whitecaps all the way to just North of San Francisco.

I found myself stopping at almost every turn in the road as the ocean opened up before me and the sky gave me a new perspective on life. Thank goodness I did this drive at a non-busy time of year or I’d have been fighting the whole way with RV’s and other tourists stopping in my stopping spots!

I did the trip down in two days because I felt it was worth my while to take my time. Also, I saw some sea lions real close.

What do you think?

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