Photo Shoot with Kemi

Posted on 26th September 2011 in fashion

On the weekend I had the opportunity to take pictures of the very cute and fun Kemi, out by the Fraser River. I had a fun time, luckily the clouds kept their rain in until just after we finished, when it started to downpour!

It was a little cold, but we made it through!

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Seattle Streets

Posted on 25th September 2011 in adventure, Street Photography, wandering

So, as you may have guessed from my earlier post on Seattle’s skyline, I was in Seattle a few weeks ago to help out a friend. Luckily for me, this allowed me a full day to wander around Seattle and see all that I could see.

I met some crazy & precious people, and also just walked by some beautiful people and stole photographs. Here’s what I came up with.

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The Seattle Skyline

Posted on 25th September 2011 in architecture, wandering

A few weeks ago, I headed down to Seattle with a friend to renew her VISA, so, this left me with a full day to wander the streets and take pictures!

Clearly, it was a beautiful day, sun was shining off of all the towers, and the people were as interesting as ever (my next post will be the street photography)! My what a beautiful sky!

Now, the architecture of Seattle!

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Explored: a Oodlie from Joi Murugavell

Posted on 24th September 2011 in explored

My dear friend, JoiJoi, (aka. Joi Murugavell or @joidesign ) recently sent me a package to create on her original what she created with my original. I’m not sure how else to explain this… She wants me to draw on it what she overlaid on it..

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Calgary, Alberta

Posted on 15th September 2011 in adventure, architecture, Street Photography, wandering

In the middle of my trip through Rogers Pass, and the Kootneys, I had a few days to kill with Kimberbow in Calgary. So, I did what any photographer would do with blue skies and all day to kill in a beautiful city, took photographs!

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