The Seattle Skyline

Posted on 25th September 2011 in architecture, wandering

A few weeks ago, I headed down to Seattle with a friend to renew her VISA, so, this left me with a full day to wander the streets and take pictures!

Clearly, it was a beautiful day, sun was shining off of all the towers, and the people were as interesting as ever (my next post will be the street photography)! My what a beautiful sky!

Now, the architecture of Seattle!

Seattle tower

Seattle skyline

Seattle skyline

Macys in Seattle

Mayflower Park Hotel Seattle

Macys in Seattle

Seattle Skyline


Seattle Docks

PIke Place Market Seattle



Skyrise in Seattle

Seattle Library

00 Seattle

Seattle Downtown Core


Seattle Street Art Graffiti


The Mission in Seattle

Seattle Skyline


PIke Place Market Public Market Seattle

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