After Dark Fotoshoot With Lola Frost

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to do a fotoshoot with the talented, and gorgeous Lola Frost (@LolaFrost) who is a “Rock’N’Roll Flapper, Burlesque Performer, Bad Ass Dance Instructor, Ninja, Make Out Artist, Sass Master, Rebel with a Cause. Director of Vancouver Burlesque Centre.” [Yeh, I stole that from her twitter bio].

As you can see, her energy is unreal, her attention to body movement and interest in making it rock practically oozes from her person. So, this made the shoot super easy, super fun, and super sassy!







6 responses to “After Dark Fotoshoot With Lola Frost”

  1. Kiki Avatar

    Exquisite! Thanks for sharing these!

    1. ned Avatar

      Hey, my pleasure! Glad to hear you like them. Check back soon for more!

  2. Brian Avatar

    I SO need to see this amazing woman perform!! Tomorrow is Thursday…..

    1. ned Avatar

      She does, at the Keefer!

  3. Lady Josephine Avatar

    The people in those Yaletown apartments can afford a lot. But NOONE can afford this bitch. Me-OW my dearest.

    1. ned Avatar

      How lucky was I to get to work with her?!

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