East Vancity Amy’s Alley

Posted on 30th March 2012 in fashion

The sun is finally making an appearance here in Vancouver! Yes! And yes, this means all the pretty people are wanting to put on their pretty clothes and get pretty photographs taken of their pretty selves!

On Sunday I had the pleasure to work with Vancity Amy (@VancityAmy), a beautiful AND motivated woman; one of Vancouver’s finest! We took a saunter through the alleys of East Van, particularly across the street from The Whip on 6th off of Main.

For this shoot, because I had the space behind me, I brought my weapon of choice, my 50mm f/1.8 prime, with my Canon T1i body. That’s it. That’s all the gear I had. Nothing else needed.

Contrast with the sun is something amazing. If you remember the shoot I did with Alicia Fashionista last, there was also a really hard sun. I enjoy it a lot… I’m not sure how much the models like glaring into the sun without squinting though!

That piece of 2×8 we found against the white wall was awesome. I think we both could have spent hours standing there playing with it, if it wasn’t for the dirt falling into the dedicated Amy’s face. Such a trooper!


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That Red Chair with Miss Sanaz

Posted on 16th March 2012 in fashion

Coal Harbour seems to be the land of white couches and amazing girls wearing pretty fashions. How can my camera and I complain!?

This time, it had the pleasure to work with the very sweet Miss Sanaz who was looking to have some fun in front of the camera. As an added bonus for me, she looked simply stunning while doing it!

For this shoot, I had hoped to explore what working with a diffuser was like, and try and explore the world of photograph with some heavier illumination. I wasn’t exactly successful with it, as I’m finding the off camera flash just doesn’t allow me to get a ambient enough lighting done. I’m suspecting I’m in need of an umbrella, and possibly a strobe. I have my eyes on an alien bee or two.

Anyways, I had my trusty steed, my Canon T1i, with an 18-55 lens and Yongnuo flash in my hand through a coil cable. I’m not happy having to use my 18-55 kit lens, for I don’t find it gives me the quality and clarity that I’m looking for in a lens, but when I’m working in such tight quarters as an apartment demands, it’s what must be done.

So, without further adieu..

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East Vancouver Chinatown Photowalk

Posted on 6th March 2012 in Street Photography, wandering

A few weeks ago now a few friends of mine, and friends of theirs, got together for a wandering of sorts; something that is popularly being called a photowalk. This involves a few friends getting together to walk around and take photographs. It’s a cool idea, and I enjoy the opportunity I get to ask other photographers how they are taking their photographs, little styles.

The day turned out to be perfectly sunny, very harsh sun, which I’m finding I love for the contrast it gives on the subject.

As I walked the streets, I asked a friend, @AspiringMedia from twitter, how he was using his 50mm prime, f/1.8 on autofocus and still getting good photographs as he quickly snaps the photograph. He told me that he sees the person coming, and slowly gets them in his frame, and autofocuses them the whole time they’re walking towards him until they are in the desired spot, then the camera is already focused, and *SNAP. Theres the photograph. I know to some of you this may seem obvious, but wow did this just step my game up a notch.

I still complain a little bit about the speed at which the autofocus of my f/1.8 works at [very slow for those of you who don’t know], but I’ve managed to not miss as many of the shots as I was before with this technique. So thanks, man.

Well, how do you think I did using this new technique?

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Yaletown Fashion Shoot with Alicia Fashionista

Posted on 1st March 2012 in fashion

One of my favorite people to photograph is Alicia Fashionista. She is a very beautiful girl AND has some amazing style. As we keep working together, the time it takes us to get some good photographs becomes quicker and funner!

Anyways, we took to the streets in Yaletown for this shoot, on a beautifully harsh sunny day; something I’m actually enjoying as of late for it’s contrast it provides in a photograph.

For this shoot, I just carried my 50mm [Canon f/1.8]. It’s an easy choice when I have space to move back, with my Canon T1i body.

Now tell me, isn’t she just amazing?

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Whistler: A Trip For Snow

Posted on 1st March 2012 in adventure, nature, wandering

To long ago now, I headed up to Whistler for a day of snow in search of snowy trees with my good friend Baron. It had snowed all night before we left, overcast was we were on our way, then started snowing as we came to an end in Whistler. I think we found snow.. but we also lost a lens. Near the end of the day, I was tramping through the snow to get the ones of the river, and for some funny reason the mechanism within Baron’s lens got stuck on extended. Big bummer.

At any rate, we made it there and back safe, and that’s what count, and I don’t think I gave Baron a reason to hold onto the “Holy Fuck” bars as we barreled down the highway…

This was an outdoor shoot, so I knew that no artificial light would be needed. I packed my trusty wide angle [12-24 Tokina] and my 50mm [Canon f/1.8] with my Canon T1i body to do the deeds.

At one point when I was starting taking photographs, I was wondering how safe it was to take my camera out into the cold. I asked one man, Jack Brauer, an amazing scenery/mountain photographer if it was ok to take the gear out in weather conditions. He told me that in the many many years he’s been taking photographs, he hasn’t lost a camera due to the cold weather conditions. He said Ned, I use a Lowepro bag, and all is good. So, that’s what I went and bought the next day, which I still use to this day… though I should put out the disclaimer that Baron also had a Lowepro when his lens died.

At any rate, this is where we explored and photographed.

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