That Red Chair with Miss Sanaz

Posted on 16th March 2012 in fashion

Coal Harbour seems to be the land of white couches and amazing girls wearing pretty fashions. How can my camera and I complain!?

This time, it had the pleasure to work with the very sweet Miss Sanaz who was looking to have some fun in front of the camera. As an added bonus for me, she looked simply stunning while doing it!

For this shoot, I had hoped to explore what working with a diffuser was like, and try and explore the world of photograph with some heavier illumination. I wasn’t exactly successful with it, as I’m finding the off camera flash just doesn’t allow me to get a ambient enough lighting done. I’m suspecting I’m in need of an umbrella, and possibly a strobe. I have my eyes on an alien bee or two.

Anyways, I had my trusty steed, my Canon T1i, with an 18-55 lens and Yongnuo flash in my hand through a coil cable. I’m not happy having to use my 18-55 kit lens, for I don’t find it gives me the quality and clarity that I’m looking for in a lens, but when I’m working in such tight quarters as an apartment demands, it’s what must be done.

So, without further adieu..


2 Responses to “That Red Chair with Miss Sanaz”

  1. ARAS says:

    You are great
    nice and beautiful like a flower

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