365 Days of Romina

Posted on 25th April 2012 in fashion

Recently Richmond Tourism hosted an international job posting competition that was very unusual indeed. Contestants from around the world applied in a battle for popularity and charm, for being the most creative and innovative foodies around. The job position is for their 365 Days of Dining project, in Richmond BC, where the successful applicant will be paid to explore 365 different restaurants in Richmond.

Well, of the 1500+ applicants Tourism Richmond had, Romina Moradi, of Small Girl, Big Plate fame, was selected as one of the Top 12 Finalists. Needless to say, she’s beside herself with excitement, and pressure to get as many likes as she possibly can on the Facebook page, so please, head here [ top 12 finalists ]  and vote for Small Girl, Big Plate before you continue reading this post!

For this shoot, we started outdoors to catch the remaining un-rainy time of the day, and then moved indoors to get a few kitchen shots.

The outdoor shots, I had brought my speedlite with me, but as I powered it on, it popped once, and then turned itself off. I guess I had a dud battery… It was light out anyways, and the show went on! Outside, I shot with my 50mm, the trusty steed she is.

Indoors, I set up both my Yongnuo speedlites with softboxes attached to them, connected to my Cowboy Studio wireless triggers: one camera left, one camera right. I also was forced to then use my 18-55mm EFS kit lens for the rest of the shoot since a 50mm just simply doesn’t give me the range I want.

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Whiskey Tracks with Lola Frost

Posted on 24th April 2012 in fashion

Lola Frost (part of the heart and soul behind Sweet Soul Burlesque and Vancouver Burlesque Center) and I had one hell of a fun time when we headed out past West Vancouver to Brunswick Beach to find some train tracks. We then commenced drinking some whiskey and wine!

As we were driving out, I was scared and anxious that we’d miss the AMAZING light that was happening, but as we pulled in, we still had a good few hours until sunset, so I was able to relax and breathe!

I had just got my new flash with wireless trigger, and was very eager to try them out. Yes, they were amazing.

What was I using?

My new speedlite is a Yongnuo YN-560II (a monster), with a Cowboy Studio FM Remote trigger system. It’s pretty awesome to be able to set the speedlite (or two) down on a tripod or base, and walk around with my camera with no wires attached, and still have the triggers go off. For this particular shoot, I only used the one speedlite though (not my old trusty YN468), and just laid it on the ground. Hindsight says I should have brought my tripod to stick it on.

I’m really enjoying getting the blown out, sun flare look on some of the images. I’ve explored this before with many others, and I’ll continue to do this. Perhaps a series will be in the making..

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Ted: A Farewell

Posted on 17th April 2012 in animals, explored

Ted, my dear hedgehog, passed last week: April the 10, 2012, a day before my birthday. This little champion has provided me with much entertainment, comfort, and companionship that I had always thought I’d have with a hedgehog. I can only hope I also provided for him a happy household to cause a ruckus in.

To the best of my knowledge, Ted was of the African Pygmy variety, which is a variety of hedgehog that is specifically subject to wobbly hedgehog syndrome. His last few weeks of life he was afflicted with this, and it became increasingly hard for him to function as a proper hedgehog.

I realized this, and picked a good day that fit into both of our schedules and booked a shoot with him.

I will miss you Ted; I loved that little bugger.

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Explored: Nacho the Snake

Posted on 7th April 2012 in animals, explored

A friend of mine owns a corn snake. It’s name is Nacho. We bonded.

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Downtown Vancouver on a Cloudy Day

Posted on 7th April 2012 in architecture, Street Photography, wandering

Too long ago now I headed downtown to meet a very cool chap, @TheRealNolanK, to wander around and take photographs. He jumping into the game and wanted to share tips on shooting techniques.

It was an overcast day, so I’m always hesitant to go shooting for nice photographs when it’s like that. I like great cloud formation, or nice blue skies… but the day turned out alright, more for the company than the skies..

After a few hours of shooting, as it often does, we headed to the pub, had a few, then headed to another pub, and had a few more… Great times!

Oh, and I met a man who told me I had to listen to the voice inside and not be afraid to fail who carved masks.


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