Whiskey Tracks with Lola Frost

Lola Frost (part of the heart and soul behind Sweet Soul Burlesque and Vancouver Burlesque Center) and I had one hell of a fun time when we headed out past West Vancouver to Brunswick Beach to find some train tracks. We then commenced drinking some whiskey and wine!

As we were driving out, I was scared and anxious that we’d miss the AMAZING light that was happening, but as we pulled in, we still had a good few hours until sunset, so I was able to relax and breathe!

I had just got my new flash with wireless trigger, and was very eager to try them out. Yes, they were amazing.

What was I using?

My new speedlite is a Yongnuo YN-560II (a monster), with a Cowboy Studio FM Remote trigger system. It’s pretty awesome to be able to set the speedlite (or two) down on a tripod or base, and walk around with my camera with no wires attached, and still have the triggers go off. For this particular shoot, I only used the one speedlite though (not my old trusty YN468), and just laid it on the ground. Hindsight says I should have brought my tripod to stick it on.

I’m really enjoying getting the blown out, sun flare look on some of the images. I’ve explored this before with many others, and I’ll continue to do this. Perhaps a series will be in the making..






4 responses to “Whiskey Tracks with Lola Frost”

  1. Lola Lockeheart Avatar

    great photo series! love it.

    1. ned Avatar

      Thanks so much Lola, very happy to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. eyeliah Avatar

    Gorgeous shots!

    1. ned Avatar

      Thanks Eyeliah, it was a fun time with perfect light, as you can imagine and see.

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