German Wind & Flour Mills

Posted on 28th July 2012 in adventure, architecture, explored

During my time I spent up in Schleswig-Holstein, in the Northern part of Germany, I was lucky enough to be there during the one day of the year when the local farmers who have a windmill or a flourmill open them up to visitors, kind of like a field day.

I was also lucky enough to be with some extraordinary people who were interested in showing me them, and touring me around. We managed to get to three, and afterwards we went to an old heritage village, and when I say heritage it’s not like North America heritage, it’s European heritage, which means about 500 years old.

I explored the windmills.

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Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Posted on 28th July 2012 in adventure, architecture, wandering

The Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany is in the North. It’s North of Hamburg, and stretches all the way to the Danish border. It’s a place with some of the most beautiful European history, with castles (schloß) everywhere, viking museums (Hedeby), and many many other such historical things.

I had a great time there, as I was with family who toured me around to everything they could think to send me at. I enjoyed this, as it was also a time for me to connect with some family history I had hoped to gather.

I wandered.

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Architecture of London, England

Posted on 28th July 2012 in architecture

I was in London for about a week, just before the Olympic planning began. Well, I guess I was there just as it was starting, for I started to see things that resembled bleachers, and flags around the city. The city itself was everything I had expected of it. You hear things like “it’s expensive” or “it’s cold” or “it’s rainy” or whatever other experience people have of such a place, but I found that I loved it. Actually, I find it hard to not like any place that I go to.. Even if I were to get mugged and beaten, could I blame the city for that, or blame the guilty party?

It’s always such a hard choice to decide what lens to take with me, in London especially because I would usually travel around with my laptop all day.. I’m splitting this into two posts, one for street photographs, and one for architecture.

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Faces of London, England

Posted on 28th July 2012 in Street Photography

This is the street edition of my London post. I’ll avoid repeating myself, instead directing you to read the architecture post I’ve done… and say that I actually find it amazing that I could see the stereotypical Englishman, or one that I imagined I would see, be it stereotypical or not. It’s funny how you can just tell they’re local..

I’m finding the best lens for the street is the 50mm, thanks to working with Aspiring Media doing a photowalk in Vancouver’s Chinatown arranged by Kana. However, sometimes it’s just fun to pull out the wide angle and get some huge closeups. Always a tough call I guess, no matter what I’m shooting.

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Brussels, Belgium

Posted on 28th July 2012 in adventure, architecture, wandering

I was told that Brussels was a dirty city, and had garbage everywhere. I wasn’t dissapointed by one of those warnings, but I really didn’t find it that dirty of a city. I found it as a romantic city, without the romance; abandoned and heartbroken, left to fight for itself upon the scraps of the unkept garden.

I had fun in Brussels, I had a local guide who was not interested in staying home. Lindy hop, weird döner/sub type things with fries inside of them, elephants, and red lights [yes, the districts].

Is it just me that finds it funny they have a few statues of things pissing?

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