Brugges, Belgium

Posted on 28th July 2012 in adventure, architecture, wandering

It’s been troubling me for a while as to how to go about keeping my travel blog live with photographs, as well as this with photographs, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s ok to post them in both places. Afterall, more the merrier right?

Brugges was a cute little town that I wandered into with the hopes to kill a day of travel. I found a weird city. It was small and beautiful, but people looked at me like I was invading a bit. Not that this has ever bothered me, but it’s just the feeling you get sometimes. Though, I did plunk down at a nice little cafe and pull out my laptop for about 2 hrs, so that place was very nice and beautifully creative: the way that I would have a small cafe.

Yes, I would still highly recommend it.


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