Tangoo Night

Tangoo had their official launch on Thursday, October the 18th and invited me to come out to capture it with my camera.

What is Tangoo? Well, in their words

Effortlessly plan your night out. Whether it be with your friends, your significant other, or by yourself, it has never been easier to connect with Vancouver’s people and dining establishments.

The night started for me on my route at Tarracotta in Gastown, moved to Catch 122 across from the W2 building downtown, then off to Taste to conclude the evening. I had a friend, Parvej, who I found out afterwards was also shooting the evening on the other route Tangoo goers could go on. I’m not sure the exact places she went to though, but we all met at Taste in the end.

Great time, great event, great concept. It’ll be interesting to watch Tangoo spread it’s wings. They plan for once a week I guess.

































2 responses to “Tangoo Night”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Greats pics Ned!

    1. ned Avatar

      Hey, thanks Paul! 🙂

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