Architecture of San Francisco, California

Posted on 24th July 2013 in architecture

It was over a year ago now that I made my trip down to San Francisco. I took the most western route possible the whole way down, stopping at every spot I could along the coast. I have also already shown the images of the people, the street photography I did while down there (part 1, part 2). Now, I want to show you the architecture I photographed down there.

I was staying in Lower Knob Hill, and spent a lot of time around that area, wandering to the business district, china town, all along the piers, Market, Little Saigon, and Fillmore district. I walked a lot, and took a lot of photos! Met some very cool people too, as usual.

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Memory of a Great Dog

Posted on 14th July 2013 in animals

A few days ago I lost my dog to the ails of old age. It is hard to think about him never again greeting me at the door, but this is the cycle of nature.

Angus was a great dog, a beautiful dog, a smart dog, a proud dog. He was a border collie and reached the ripe age of 12 yrs old. I remember I picked him out from my cousin’s dogs litter, when he was less than a week old. We had to wait another few weeks until we could take him, but that was him, and that’s how we got him.

Yesterday’s poem was dedicated to him, if you are interested to read it.

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The Bohemian Surfer AmyLynn Emm

Posted on 9th July 2013 in fashion

My recent excursion found me heading to Kelowna where I managed to meet up with the very professional AmyLynn Emm (FB)and work out some magic. Pretty sure we got that good. It was really quite fun doing this shoot, except that it was probably 35 deg C out there. I felt only a little bit cruel for making her put on long pants, and a big warm winter wool sweater… or two. By the end of it, we were both pretty drained from being in the sun so long.

AmyLynn is a Burlesque dancer in Kelowna with the Neon Kitten Cabaret, and dances under the name Pixie L’Amour. She also does GoGo dancing with VIBErant GoGos.

Our words of inspiration were 70s LA bohemian surfer girl. AmyLynn said she dresses like this all the time, so she had a tonne of stuff to pick from that worked perfect. It’s always so enjoyable for me, as the photographer, when a model is as interested as I am about the style of the shoot, and feels it deep down inside.. Their spirit animal instincts if you will… In fact, I like it so much, I usually try and cater my ideas to fit with what I feel the model’s style is.

I shot the whole thing with natural light – blaring hot scortching sun – and my trusty 50mm f1.8 attached to my T1i.

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