Sneak Peak of the Portrait Series

Posted on 16th February 2014 in explored

As an artist, nay, as a human my quest is to always increase my skill and ability to express what it is that I’m feeling or want to show as feeling on whatever presents itself as a canvas. In this series, this expression of emotions is coming out through facial expressions.

This portrait series is going to be fairly large and extensive, so far I’ve got 13 done or in the works, with another 17 expected.

I’m working with acrylics, spray, indian ink, pen, pencils, and sharpies which will naturally expand the further I go with this. I usually use a straight blade to paint, but as faces generally aren’t jagged, I’ve been using my rounded blade. Kind of a cool transition for me to understand.

It’s proving fascinating for me to get inside of each of these portraits, for it’s forcing me to sit down and breathe slowly and work on the little details. I’m finding the process is oddly subtractive and incredibly exhilarating diving into the details.

Advanced orders are available, with a color palette of your choice.

This is a sneak peak.

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In the Rain with Pardeep

Posted on 15th February 2014 in portraits & headshots

As a photographer, it is my job to play with the environment, the location, the model, the weather, and my camera, all at the same time. Every single time I shoot, at least one is being temperamental.

Taking photographs in Vancouver, naturally the environment and weather are always a big factor. Rain. Yes, rain. Always looming. Well, not always, but in the winter months, always.

Pardeep and I have been friends for a while, as we first met on Twitter. On my latest trip to Vancouver I put out some feelers for anybody looking to make some magic, to do a shoot, and she expressed interest in getting some portraits done. Not typical portraits, she wanted character and reflections! I tried my best!

We picked a day when it was very cold, and drizzling slightly, and right along the inlet so that it would be as cold and miserable as possible for us making our magic. We all know that nothing good comes easy, right?

Pardeep was an absolute jewel to work with, and her motivation and eagerness kept us pushing on for more!

We shot in Crab Park – on the outskirts of Gastown – then went inside and had some tea (*read: warmed up & gathered motivation), and finished the shoot wandering into Gastown a little bit.

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The Ancient Forest, Prince George, BC

Posted on 15th February 2014 in adventure, explored, nature, wandering

Prince George, British Columbia has a very rare and unique forest known as the Interior Wetbelt, which is the worlds only known rainforest so far from the ocean, about 800 kms away. The wet biogeoclimatic zones associated with the inland rainforest cover more than 110,000 ha in the upper Fraser River valley. Stands that contain ancient Western Redcedars (Thuja plicata) and associated biodiversity are quite limited in their distribution within the upper Fraser River valley, particularly because of the logging in the region.

I did this hike last year in mid October, 2013 with my brothers, and it was colder than expected. I was happy I had brought mittens and a tuque, but the hiking around gets you warm pretty quick. If you’re a snowshoe’r, this trail is open 365 days a year and I believe there are also tours that head out frequently.

This region is unique because it’s sandwiched in between the Rocky Mountains (to the East) and the Coastal Mountains (to the West). The Ancient Forest has ancient cedar trees and ferns that have been undisturbed for centuries. Many individual trees are estimated to be over one thousand years in age.

Antique Forest stands are typically located in wet toe-slope or bench topographic positions, often in close proximity to the valley sides. However, given the easy access afforded by Highway 16 and the exceptional stature of trees in these stands, most of the toe-slope Antique Forest stands along the highway corridor in this area have been logged over the last half century. Consequently opportunities to view this exceptional feature of B.C.’s inland rainforest are now limited.

To learn more about the wetbelt, the Ancient Forest, UNBC has a great page dedicated to explaining it, which I’ve used as reference for this writeup.

Oh, and there’s an exceptionally large tree in there they’ve dubbed Treebeard, after the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings chronicles.

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Faces of Athens, Greece

Posted on 12th February 2014 in adventure, Street Photography

This is the final segment of my Athens photographs. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. If you missed them, you can find

I know, it’s been a great journey. The city was just so culturally rich, and such a beautiful place for me that it deserved so much attention.

If you’ve been following along in the series, you’ll probably recognize some of the places, or scenes, I’ve talked about.

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Coffee and Sheets with AmyLynn Emm

Posted on 2nd February 2014 in fashion, lifestyle

Some of you may remember AmyLynn Emm (mm|fb) from the shoot I did in the summer of 2013 with the Bohemian Surfer. We got together again to do a shoot. This time, instead of being 100C, it was raining and overcast!

When we were planning the shoot, AmyLynn asked if I had a backup plan, any place indoors to work. Coming from the North and not having much temporary residence in Vancouver, I didn’t really have anywhere that I felt would match the shoot. She said her place was …ok… Great! Works for me. A backup plan. I arrived at her place and was greeted with a whole wall of windows.


The theme of this shoot was around old wool cardigans, boyfriend shirts, and a cup of coffee sitting around on the steps hanging out in the morning. We went from there.

The big dangly jewelery seen in the shoot is from the lovely Miriam of Piyan Designs.

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