Curves & Curls with Jihan

Posted on 30th April 2014 in fashion, risque

Jihan (fb, instagram, twitter), a Curve Model with Wilhelmina Vancouver modeling agency (fb, instagram, twitter) contacted me after I posted on Facebook that I was coming to Vancouver looking for photography work. Something Jihan is very good at is hustling; a smart girl with big plans. We brainstormed our concept from there.

Jihan loved the shoot I did with Lola Frost, a more casual, sensual, and soft look in a boudoir setting. I’m really digging the feeling and energy exploring a persons intimate soul with my lens. It’s a challenge for me to do this in my own unique way, trying to divert from what’s becoming common these days in boudoir photography. Art, not autonomy.

An especially big challenge for me is to work in a location that’s restricted and confined and not have every single photograph against the same wall.

This is what we made.

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Leiah Luz’s Ghetto Blaster

Posted on 24th April 2014 in fashion

While planning the shoot, Leiah Luz sent me some images of inspiration to model the shoot after. I couldn’t help but notice the consistency of a ghetto blaster in all the images, a heavy 90s NYC rap scene vibe. So, when I was killing time in a Value VillagĂ© and stumbled upon this ghetto blaster – shoot already set and penciled in the calendar at this point – it is needless to say how excited the both of us were finding the necessary prop for the shoot.

Leiah is a hip hop dancer and booty shaking afficiando, and a well traveled one at that. She recently returned from a journey to LA to mess with some of the best in the business. I know from my own experiences on journeys – and talking to her – that you return a changed person. Motivation. You may remember her from the last shoot we did together in a graveyard, Apparitions and Ghosts.

We did this shoot in an East Van alley just off Hastings street. You know a person is packin’ some cojones when they hardly break a pose when a alley wanderer wanders by with nothing but up and down eyes.

We were parked in the lot of a community center, and as we were finishing up the shoot kids were filing into the community center which had an after school care program. So all the young boys in there were trying to get a view of her out the windows – shown at the top of the first image below. I heard one of them yell, “you’re heavenly.”

I couldn’t agree more.


2014.04.08 - Leiah Luz (29 of 572)

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The 90s had Stripes With Tristan Risk

Posted on 20th April 2014 in fashion

The 90s came and went, but the heart and soul never left.

Do you remember how you believed?

Kurt Cobain? The Refreshments? Alice in Chains?

Dr. Martens?

Tristan Risk (fb, fb page, twitter) and I had been planning on doing a shoot for a while now, but every time we had planned to shoot one of us was either too hungover or too sick to do it. Finally we connected and went down to Spanish Banks in Vancouver, BC. to explore what we felt of the 90s… with smoke bombs of course.

All I can say is thank goodness she had a pair of Dr. Martens!

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