I Walk the Line | Abby Normal

Posted on 26th May 2014 in fashion

Abby Normal (Tumblr, fb) is an interesting bird. She’s a no holds barred bubblegum-zebra stomping her way into a new sphere of expression, unabashedly. An admirable character trait, to say the least, and she’s a babe. She is also the brainchild of Rent Cheque.

Yes, she is usually NSFW.

So I sent out a message to my circles that listen that I was going to be in Vancouver and Abby sent me a casual message about being a model, if I needed somebody.. “Of course!” I said.

She proposed the train yards, and that’s how it started. As we shot I actually felt like I was – with Abby’s guidance – uncovered a whole new love affair with Vancouver, a side that that can only be found walking the out of way places.


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She is Jewels | Miriam of Piyan Designs

Posted on 15th May 2014 in fashion, portraits & headshots

Miriam of Piyan Designs is a very creative and outgoing individual who I first came into contact with because I fell in love with her jewels. I said, “Miriam, we have to work together.” Since then she’s given me unlimited use of her amazing jewels. Lucky me, I know.

For this incredible kindness she has shown me, and her being a beautiful woman, I said, “Miriam, I want to take your photograph.” I actually said portrait, but it kind of turned into a bit more than that. When I arrived to take her photograph, she had two other women there to do makeup and styling! I was like oh it’s on, this girl is business. She was incredibly fun and easy to work with and we had the photographs I had wanted to get in no time flat!

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Chevron | Lola Frost

Posted on 5th May 2014 in fashion, risque

Hands down, Lola Frost (fb, twitter, tumblr, instagram) has been the biggest nurturer of my growth both as a human and an artist. Helping me dig into my own skin to be more comfortable and brave with my expression. [see most of our work together here]

Nudity is a big part of this, being such a controversial topic. It’s hard to believe that 60 years ago there were patrol officers at the beach making sure women didn’t have too much upper thigh showing. Today, everywhere we look there is sex selling something. And if it’s not selling something, it’s being flaunted by brave vixens and hermanos pushing the boundaries. I think for most of us, we’re trying to understand what the difference between sexuality, expression, intimacy, and allure is. As we become accustomed to seeing nudity, we start to wonder what excites us; we begin to explore our own definitions.

To steal the time tested axiom: it’s not quantity, it’s quality.

This shoot was built around the chevron tights, and beautiful Vancouver alley ways. Jewelery used in the shoot is from Miriam of Piyan Designs.

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