Breaths of Fire

Posted on 6th January 2017 in After Dark, artists

Some events in life, while you’re there doing it, you’re caught up in the thrill of it all and excited and enjoying everything. When you look back on it though, you think to yourself: “Man, that was crazy.” Fire artists are crazy. Yeh, you know that stuff that bites you, singes the hair on your arm, burns your fingers as you reach into the fire momentarily to shift a log? Yeh, that same fire stuff. These rad humans are kissing it.

These rad humans, these fire artists are: Vivianne Oblivion (fb), Tristan Risk (previous, instagram, fb, fb page, twitter), and Holy Scar (fb, instagram)

The day we shot this it was bloody cold. As I sat waiting for these fire breathers to show up, I pulled out an emergency blanket/scarf thing I always carry and wrapped my rattling bones in it. The wind was blowing hard. If you want to learn anything about fire, it’s that it needs oxygen to burn, the more oxygen a flame gets the more it’ll grow. Now, mix all of this with staffs, pio, fand and a bloody SWORD dipped in fuel that are designed to burn a long time, and you have yourself some pretty dangerous artistry tools on your hands.

Seriously though, Vivianne swallowed a burning sword.

tech specs // Sony a7 / Super Takumar 55mm f1.8

Holy Scar Fire Artist - Ned Tobin Click here to read more.. »