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In a Stereo | Alex Mei

When I go into a shoot, I have learned to drop all ideas of what I had planned, and leave what comes next as an open slate for magic. It usually works out pretty good because expectations can lead to stress and ignoring the flow. When capturing souls that’s not too smart, if you ask […]

Almost Famous | Alex Mei

As luck would have it, I was handed a hotel room at the Sutton Place Hotel for about 9 days. Naturally, I’d try to stuff that hotel room with as much photoshoots as possible… Alex Mei (soundcloud, fb), a DJ and naturally beautiful woman, was the first one to step into the hotel room. It […]

Woodwards Building Fashion Shoot with Alicia Fashionista

Searching through my yet to file fotographs, I found some fotos from a shoot I did with the fashionable Alicia Fashionista . You may have seen her before in the archives with the Warehouse shoot, and the Kits shoot. She’s so much fun, and it’s honestly so easy to take fotos I love of her. […]