Breaths of Fire

Posted on 6th January 2017 in After Dark, artists

Some events in life, while you’re there doing it, you’re caught up in the thrill of it all and excited and enjoying everything. When you look back on it though, you think to yourself: “Man, that was crazy.” Fire artists are crazy. Yeh, you know that stuff that bites you, singes the hair on your arm, burns your fingers as you reach into the fire momentarily to shift a log? Yeh, that same fire stuff. These rad humans are kissing it.

These rad humans, these fire artists are: Vivianne Oblivion (fb), Tristan Risk (previous, instagram, fb, fb page, twitter), and Holy Scar (fb, instagram)

The day we shot this it was bloody cold. As I sat waiting for these fire breathers to show up, I pulled out an emergency blanket/scarf thing I always carry and wrapped my rattling bones in it. The wind was blowing hard. If you want to learn anything about fire, it’s that it needs oxygen to burn, the more oxygen a flame gets the more it’ll grow. Now, mix all of this with staffs, pio, fand and a bloody SWORD dipped in fuel that are designed to burn a long time, and you have yourself some pretty dangerous artistry tools on your hands.

Seriously though, Vivianne swallowed a burning sword.

tech specs // Sony a7 / Super Takumar 55mm f1.8

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Light Angels | Leiah Luz

Posted on 30th June 2015 in After Dark, art

When accidents happen, it’s not wise to lament their existence, but rather celebrate in their exposure and revel in the situation you have in front of you to now work with. Particularly in art, for this is the journey.

Leiah Luz (see our previous shoots) and I did a shoot at the Vancouver Burlesque Center in the midst of darkness. Experimenting with lighting is something I don’t get a chance to do much, or really have that much drive to explore. But when it comes, it’s fun to see what magic can be made. After all, photography is all playing with light.

Want to see light angels?

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Midnight Dancer | Leiah Luz

Posted on 25th August 2014 in After Dark, black and white

Midnight Dancer

A pull – this forever moment;
Yearning midnight moon.
To tie dangling laces around my neck
That drip about the floor
Tangling deepest desires – honey thick,
With unending silence
Echoing off my midnight grace.
I handle tip-toes with heaving breath,
Twirling dazedly in passion’s clutch
And remembering concert halls
Echoing my nothing butterflies,
Vibrant and fleeting
– My dancer’s death –
Upon well traced wooden floors
And my forever midnight moon.



I couldn’t think of any other way to introduce and describe this shoot Leiah Luz and I did at the Vancouver Burlesque Center than with a poem. Emotional.


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Apparitions and Ghosts with Leiah Luz

Posted on 19th December 2013 in After Dark, fashion, risque

I said graveyard and candles and she was sold. She said, “Ned, trust me. I’ll take care of the fashions. I got style.”

I trusted her.

On a misty Vancouver afternoon Leiah Luz and I headed out to Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver with my camera, candles, alluring fashions fit for a cemetery.

Leiah is a multidisciplinary dancer, saves furs from burning tanneries, nurtures her spiritual goddess, and wears old sweatshirts that smell like dad. She is one interesting woman: gorgeous, warm, and not to mention an absolute pleasure to work with.

Headdress by Sheila Ann of Dropping Form Designs.

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‘Lina is a Punk Rocker

Posted on 20th October 2012 in After Dark

In London, England I had the fortune to work with a friend, and very beautiful Ajlina. We had been talking about doing a shoot for quite some time and it’s awesome to have got to hang out and photograph her. Clearly she was a bucket of excitement and so easy to work with. She’s a professional. I should note she’s been modeling and acting for some years now around the world.

It was luckily everything worked out as it did, for she’s a busy woman flying here and there around the world. She had just returned from the fashion week in Paris. Fortunately we were able to do a whole afternoon of shooting.

Be prepared, there will be more posts with her; we took a lot of photographs and switched into a lot of different outfits [or lack thereof].



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