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  • Memory of a Great Dog

    A few days ago I lost my dog to the ails of old age. It is hard to think about him never again greeting me at the door, but this is the cycle of nature. Angus was a great dog, a beautiful dog, a smart dog, a proud dog. He was a border collie and…

  • Tent Caterpillars in Prince George, BC, Canada

    This year Prince George has had an infestation of tent caterpillars: genus Malacosoma and in the moth family Lasiocampidae. It started as soon as the snow melted and still is here today; for at least a month now we’ve had nearly all of the coniferous trees infested with these hungry chompers. It’s really eerie walking…

  • Ted: A Farewell

    Ted, my dear hedgehog, passed last week: April the 10, 2012, a day before my birthday. This little champion has provided me with much entertainment, comfort, and companionship that I had always thought I’d have with a hedgehog. I can only hope I also provided for him a happy household to cause a ruckus in.…

  • Explored: Nacho the Snake

    A friend of mine owns a corn snake. It’s name is Nacho. We bonded.

  • Explored: Ted – Dec 2011

    So, I got a hedgehog…He does yoga, it turns out!