AUKEY 30000 mAh Power Bank

Posted on 27th May 2017 in tech

I’ve been experimenting with various power banks or batteries over the past years. What this means is both recharging my devices with portable power banks, and also trying to switch all of my devices over to USB rechargeable, which usually means they have a lithium battery inside of them.

Without a doubt, this AUKEY Power Bank is pretty damn impressive. It’s got 30000 mAh, which means about 15 phone charges for my Samsung phone. Comparatively, those smaller ones you see that look like a lipstick container can probably recharge the phone once. This AUKEY Power Bank can very easily fit into my day bag and is hardly any heavier than most other power banks out there.

Needless to say, living life as a nomad, with electronics (phone, camera, speaker, flashlight, tablet) having a power bank is indispensable. Nobody wants to be stuck running out of time, power dying on the phone, and the only directions to the place tonight is on the phone.

Head over to Teition to read my full write up about the AUKEY battery power pack (a site better suited for the full details!).

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