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  • Dave & Lyndsay

    Well, the little fella trying to pop out in these photographs is now two months old, probably growing teeth and starting to chew bubble gum. His name is Luke, and this is my cousin, Dave, and his beautiful wife, Lyndsay, photographed on the family ranch just outside of Kamloops, BC. This is officially my first…

  • A Country Wedding

    I had the fortune to get asked to do a wedding in Kamloops on the 20th of August, at a fun, beautifully planned and executed wedding. I worked with a partner who took photographs of the brides side, I got the groom! The list of photographs the newlyweds wanted was exhausting! But, hopefully we got…

  • Country Engagement Photoshoot

    Someones getting married! And they asked me to do their photographs! I’ll be doing their wedding as well, I’m pretty excited for it. This is Anita and Adrian.