In Thought | AmyLynn Emm

Posted on 17th May 2015 in lifestyle, risque

I’ve shot AmyLynn Emm (see previous shoots) a couple of times now, and every time we seem to align quite beautifully in our projects to create something fiercely sexual yet still very casual. I really quite dig it.

Maybe this one wasn’t so subtle as we had a swanky hotel room at the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver to shoot in.

AmyLynn Emm - Ned Tobin - Swanky Hotel Boudoir

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Coffee and Sheets with AmyLynn Emm

Posted on 2nd February 2014 in fashion, lifestyle

Some of you may remember AmyLynn Emm (mm|fb) from the shoot I did in the summer of 2013 with the Bohemian Surfer. We got together again to do a shoot. This time, instead of being 100C, it was raining and overcast!

When we were planning the shoot, AmyLynn asked if I had a backup plan, any place indoors to work. Coming from the North and not having much temporary residence in Vancouver, I didn’t really have anywhere that I felt would match the shoot. She said her place was …ok… Great! Works for me. A backup plan. I arrived at her place and was greeted with a whole wall of windows.


The theme of this shoot was around old wool cardigans, boyfriend shirts, and a cup of coffee sitting around on the steps hanging out in the morning. We went from there.

The big dangly jewelery seen in the shoot is from the lovely Miriam of Piyan Designs.

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