Almost Famous | Alex Mei

Posted on 16th April 2015 in lifestyle, risque

As luck would have it, I was handed a hotel room at the Sutton Place Hotel for about 9 days. Naturally, I’d try to stuff that hotel room with as much photoshoots as possible… Alex Mei (soundcloud, fb), a DJ and naturally beautiful woman, was the first one to step into the hotel room.

It was kind of fun totally dismantling a hotel room, then putting it all back together again as if nothing had happened, though it was a bit of work pushing the beds here and there!


Alex Mei - Ned Tobin - Swanky Hotel Click here to read more.. »

Curves & Curls with Jihan

Posted on 30th April 2014 in fashion, risque

Jihan (fb, instagram, twitter), a Curve Model with Wilhelmina Vancouver modeling agency (fb, instagram, twitter) contacted me after I posted on Facebook that I was coming to Vancouver looking for photography work. Something Jihan is very good at is hustling; a smart girl with big plans. We brainstormed our concept from there.

Jihan loved the shoot I did with Lola Frost, a more casual, sensual, and soft look in a boudoir setting. I’m really digging the feeling and energy exploring a persons intimate soul with my lens. It’s a challenge for me to do this in my own unique way, trying to divert from what’s becoming common these days in boudoir photography. Art, not autonomy.

An especially big challenge for me is to work in a location that’s restricted and confined and not have every single photograph against the same wall.

This is what we made.

2014.04.10 - Jihan Wilhelmina Model (33 of 293) Click here to read more.. »