Vancouver Burlesque Centre’s 1 Year Anniversary

Posted on 17th October 2012 in events

I regularly photograph the very talented Lola Frost [see painting her, the park, whiskey tracks, and dance studio among others]. As a result I think she’s starting to like me. So, she invited me to the 1st year anniversary of the dance studio she co-owns with Cherry On-Top and Burgundy Brixx called Vancouver Burlesque Centre. This was a very proud moment for the women and a very fun night for all who attended with performances by some of their selected students!

If your so inclined to get into one of their classes, they have a schedule with everything they’re up to.

The event really felt like a family event, everybody was just happy to have made it that far and to be part of such a tantalizing environment within Vancouver. They have every right to be proud!

This is what I saw.

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August Wiled and Her Wiles

Posted on 17th July 2012 in fashion

Too long ago now I got together with a good friend, and up and coming burlesque star August Wiled to romp through the backwoods of the Fraser Valley and find some beautiful spots to pull off a shoot in. I think we found a few..

Definitely stand by what I’ve said before that dancers really do know how to explore poses in front of a lens, it was a pleasure to work with her, and get to know what makes August, August. She was professional and came with a whole bag of clothes to wear, she wasn’t shy, and she flaunted it.

The shoot happened just after August came second place in the 2012 Strip Search Vancouver burlesque competition, giving her a very big kick start to her burlesque career.

The whole shoot was shot with my trusty 50mm prime, and I had a new flash with a wireless synch that automatically fired the flash when the shutter was released that I used on some of the shots for some very light filling.

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