Pedion Areos, Athens, Greece | Part II

Posted on 1st February 2014 in adventure, explored, wandering

Pedion Areos is an extremely beautiful park that I found on one of my last days in Athens. One thing I learned, thinking back on it no, is that if you want to find statues, go into parks!

This park had every little nook and cranny filled with beautiful statues. There was a whole alley that was lined with them. As I stepped into the alley, I came across a group of 7 or so doing a filming next to the statues I was so looking forward to photographing. Luckily, it was nothing like the film crews we’re used to here in North America, and there was only a handful of crew there. No pylons, no red tape.

After exploring for a while, I sat down and watched some old men playing what looked to me like backgammon and chewing sunflower seeds manically. There were little boys that came and accosted me, trying to get me to buy their seeds! After my experience in Istanbul, I knew to be wary of them youngins.

This is part II of my statues series in Athens. Part I is found here.

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