Explored: Ultra Low Pressure Vacuum Cluster

Posted on 17th October 2012 in explored

Warning: There is a lot of machinery, metal, knobs, thingys, and tubes in this post that may scare some of you. Please don’t be afraid, and do not touch anything. 🙂

As I’ve talked about before in my Darmstadt post, I spent the summer in Darmstadt, at Technischen Universität Darmstadt. I worked on what is known as a vacuum cluster, a very very low pressure vacuum to ensure ideal conditions to manufacture solar cells!

How low is very very low pressure? The pressure would be around 10^-8 mbars. Comparatively, room pressure is around 1000 mbars. So, we’re talking about 11 orders of magnitude in pressure. That’s a lot. That’s like 1 mm to 1 billion meters.

Further, as a direct result of this research , I created a video capturing some of my favorite moments of the journey I had throughout Europe. It is for a contest for my school here in Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, where the winner can win a Macbook Pro, category winners get iPads. So, if you watch the video, or even if you don’t, please please go to the facebook contest and say I did everything with flying colors and I’ll love you long time!

I’ve been thinking about creating more videos actually. Stay tuned friends. 🙂

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Darmstadt, Germany

Posted on 16th October 2012 in architecture, nature, wandering

This summer I spent a decent chunk of time living in a relatively small city just south of Frankfurt, Germany called Darmstadt. I cannot express how much this city influenced me, how it changed me, how it opened my eyes and moved me like a dancer. Just in this city. I won’t even get into what the journey before and after did for me!

There were many nights of drinking wine or beer in the park playing guitar or having  BBQ with the rest of the gang, doing some amazing mountain biking, or hanging around meeting new people at the fair. It was a beautiful thing.

As time ground down to the end of my stay, I started to realize that I hadn’t explored the city with my camera yet! Luckily for me, I had a friend from Malaysia who had been spending lots of time in Bordeaux, France, and also had a bike and wanted to explore the city. It was beautiful weather, and we had alll day!

We started at the Opera House in town, and made our way to Mathildenhöhe and the very old Russian Church attached to it, on to the Rosenhöhe [Rose Garden], through an ancient Crypt and apple orchard, over to a funky house that looks all slanted and groovy called Waldspirale, and then finished at a small little café that gave me the recipe to their delicious salad dressing.

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