Audrey Hepburn’s Not Dead

Posted on 28th March 2016 in fashion, lifestyle, portraits & headshots

Her stage name is Audrey Hipturn (fb), cause she’s fancy like that. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph her a few times now that she’s relocated to Vancouver. I don’t think there’s anybody else I shoot who comes as close to shooting pinup as shooting with Audrey does. The last shoot we did I had to pause halfway through it and get on her case for trying to make me shoot such a thing!

Most of the stuff we shoot together leans more to the boudoir side of things, so it’s not posted on this site (see here), but this one sure was!

If it’s not immediately evident, this shoot was based on Audrey Hepburn’s role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, from 1961.

It was funny. The hair was all done, the dress was on, and we pulled out the cigarette holder and then we both looked at each other: “Did you bring a cigarette?!” Luckily, when I ran downstairs I found a lovely couple who, before I managed to explain the full concept of the shoot – both of their jaws hanging slightly ajar – pulled out a cigarette and handed it to me.

Hair was done by Kristi Farr of the East Vanity Parlour (fb) (see the EVP hair shoot I did with them here, and other shoots EVP has helped me on).

Dress was supplied by Amy Meraki.

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Sorceress’ | East Vanity Parlour

Posted on 17th August 2015 in fashion

The East Vanity Parlour (fb) is filled with some badass, scissor wielding, bike riding, updo styling babes, located in the heart of East Van’s Mount Pleasant district. I’ve had the good fortune to get to know some of these girls over the years, and when Kristi (Owner)(fb) and Sophie (fb) approached me to work on a project with them I was like:

“You kidding me?! Yes I’d love to shoot with you two!”

They spent the morning working over a handful of ladies with bones and dye, pulling props from their large collections of the ornate to style with, and by the time I arrived, everybody was looking… well… sorceress’ish.

It was Kristi who suggested the location. I had never seen it before, but when she said it was a giant tree fort in the middle of the forest I was sold. It’s quite funny how after this shoot, this location has come up about 3 times when planning shoots with others. Maybe I’ll return, but it’s still too soon right now.

I really wish I could have somebody like one of these two to be my partner for every shoot that I do. Having a stylist would totally up my photography game, big time. So if you’re out there and looking to team up with a photographer, send me a hello!

This is what we created.

East Vanity Parlour - Ned Tobin - Tree Fort Sorceresses

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Magic Nymph, Golden Lake | Lola Frost

Posted on 25th October 2014 in fashion, risque

Lola Frost’s (fb, twitter, tumblr, instagram) and mine’s relationship is one of artist and muse, of collaborator and inspiration. We have pushed each other numerous times before, and I can only hope it will continue.

I’ve had the idea to tie branches into the hair of a magical nymph for a while, and finally when Lola and I drove up the Sunshine Coast of BC we found the perfect spot to dig into this.

With the summer’s end fast approaching, it felt like everything was the warm color of gold.

Oh, and did I mention she had long ass braids? Those were done by by Kristi Johanson of East Vanity Parlour (fb)!

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