She is Jewels | Miriam of Piyan Designs

Posted on 15th May 2014 in fashion, portraits & headshots

Miriam of Piyan Designs is a very creative and outgoing individual who I first came into contact with because I fell in love with her jewels. I said, “Miriam, we have to work together.” Since then she’s given me unlimited use of her amazing jewels. Lucky me, I know.

For this incredible kindness she has shown me, and her being a beautiful woman, I said, “Miriam, I want to take your photograph.” I actually said portrait, but it kind of turned into a bit more than that. When I arrived to take her photograph, she had two other women there to do makeup and styling! I was like oh it’s on, this girl is business. She was incredibly fun and easy to work with and we had the photographs I had wanted to get in no time flat!

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Apparitions and Ghosts with Leiah Luz

Posted on 19th December 2013 in After Dark, fashion, risque

I said graveyard and candles and she was sold. She said, “Ned, trust me. I’ll take care of the fashions. I got style.”

I trusted her.

On a misty Vancouver afternoon Leiah Luz and I headed out to Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver with my camera, candles, alluring fashions fit for a cemetery.

Leiah is a multidisciplinary dancer, saves furs from burning tanneries, nurtures her spiritual goddess, and wears old sweatshirts that smell like dad. She is one interesting woman: gorgeous, warm, and not to mention an absolute pleasure to work with.

Headdress by Sheila Ann of Dropping Form Designs.

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Balloons & Bubble Gum With Miss Brooke

Posted on 19th August 2013 in fashion

I connected with Miss Brooke on Model Mayhem to work on my summer attitude style I’ve been wanting to explore with sleeveless crop tops and bubblegum badass.

I really enjoyed having such a large prop to use [balloons]. It really added some fun to it. I think I’ll be exploring this in more detail to come. All the photographs were taken in Fort George Park, in Prince George, BC.

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‘Lina is a Punk Rocker

Posted on 20th October 2012 in After Dark

In London, England I had the fortune to work with a friend, and very beautiful Ajlina. We had been talking about doing a shoot for quite some time and it’s awesome to have got to hang out and photograph her. Clearly she was a bucket of excitement and so easy to work with. She’s a professional. I should note she’s been modeling and acting for some years now around the world.

It was luckily everything worked out as it did, for she’s a busy woman flying here and there around the world. She had just returned from the fashion week in Paris. Fortunately we were able to do a whole afternoon of shooting.

Be prepared, there will be more posts with her; we took a lot of photographs and switched into a lot of different outfits [or lack thereof].



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Bottling Madness Screams Date Night

Posted on 17th October 2012 in fashion, foto story

Scene 1: The wait..

Patience. The inevitable. The impossible. Ignore. Indulge.


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