In a Stereo | Alex Mei

Posted on 31st October 2016 in lifestyle

When I go into a shoot, I have learned to drop all ideas of what I had planned, and leave what comes next as an open slate for magic. It usually works out pretty good because expectations can lead to stress and ignoring the flow. When capturing souls that’s not too smart, if you ask me. Alex Mei (prev shoots, soundcloud, fb) didn’t disappoint me. I love going into people’s homes to shoot them because when you’re in your own home you have so much more of a wardrobe to pull from.

I realize that the next step of my evolution as a photographer is to start working with more of a team. People to help me see the things that I miss and help in ways that I am not so strong. I had a stylish friend lined up to help me out with this casual shoot, hoping we could play off one another and find common ground, but an unfortunate series of events led me once again to show up by myself. However, Alex had a friend who prided himself as a particularly stylish fellow, and also a chef, so things worked out alright I’d say. Though I must admit, it’s not too hard to put me in a good mood with olives and cider. It was a bit funny for me since I don’t eat animal based foods anymore (not because I do not like animal based foods), because when I showed up, he was making two huge plates of deli meats and cheese. It was hard for me to stare such delicatessens in the face.

Alex is a musician who regularly kills it in clubs and at festivals. After the shoot we jumped in her car to head to the liquor store and everywhere I looked inside the car was some kind of sticker from a festival she’d played at. She said sorry about the mess and told me how she had just returned from a festival a few days earlier and her car had basically been her living room for a few days. I know it’s hard after festivals like that to return back to city life, the beat of festival life still coming in waves.

tech specs // sony a7 / super takumar 55mm f1.8 / super multi-coated takumar 28mm f3.5


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Apparitions and Ghosts with Leiah Luz

Posted on 19th December 2013 in After Dark, fashion, risque

I said graveyard and candles and she was sold. She said, “Ned, trust me. I’ll take care of the fashions. I got style.”

I trusted her.

On a misty Vancouver afternoon Leiah Luz and I headed out to Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver with my camera, candles, alluring fashions fit for a cemetery.

Leiah is a multidisciplinary dancer, saves furs from burning tanneries, nurtures her spiritual goddess, and wears old sweatshirts that smell like dad. She is one interesting woman: gorgeous, warm, and not to mention an absolute pleasure to work with.

Headdress by Sheila Ann of Dropping Form Designs.

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Whiskey Tracks with Lola Frost

Posted on 24th April 2012 in fashion

Lola Frost (part of the heart and soul behind Sweet Soul Burlesque and Vancouver Burlesque Center) and I had one hell of a fun time when we headed out past West Vancouver to Brunswick Beach to find some train tracks. We then commenced drinking some whiskey and wine!

As we were driving out, I was scared and anxious that we’d miss the AMAZING light that was happening, but as we pulled in, we still had a good few hours until sunset, so I was able to relax and breathe!

I had just got my new flash with wireless trigger, and was very eager to try them out. Yes, they were amazing.

What was I using?

My new speedlite is a Yongnuo YN-560II (a monster), with a Cowboy Studio FM Remote trigger system. It’s pretty awesome to be able to set the speedlite (or two) down on a tripod or base, and walk around with my camera with no wires attached, and still have the triggers go off. For this particular shoot, I only used the one speedlite though (not my old trusty YN468), and just laid it on the ground. Hindsight says I should have brought my tripod to stick it on.

I’m really enjoying getting the blown out, sun flare look on some of the images. I’ve explored this before with many others, and I’ll continue to do this. Perhaps a series will be in the making..

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After Dark Fotoshoot With Lola Frost

Posted on 9th January 2012 in After Dark, fashion

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to do a fotoshoot with the talented, and gorgeous Lola Frost (@LolaFrost) who is a “Rock’N’Roll Flapper, Burlesque Performer, Bad Ass Dance Instructor, Ninja, Make Out Artist, Sass Master, Rebel with a Cause. Director of Vancouver Burlesque Centre.” [Yeh, I stole that from her twitter bio].

As you can see, her energy is unreal, her attention to body movement and interest in making it rock practically oozes from her person. So, this made the shoot super easy, super fun, and super sassy!


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