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  • Spring in Prince George, BC, Canada

    Those of us living in rainforests are fairly used to all year round green grass and tulips, but most of the rest of Canada and the northern hemisphere are just losing the last of their snow and preparing for the first blossoms to spring up. It’s spring after all! These photographs were taken in Prince […]

  • A Summer Fling | Nicky Ninedoors

    Last drops of day amplified By a sweet fringe of gold Hovered dangerously close To skin so tempered pale Of a midsummer nymph. Rings of fire shrieked; Lost breath halted thought While the dancer tiptoed about Like a midnight rehearsal. ~ Have you ever heard Nicky Ninedoors sing? The last drops of daylight on this […]

  • EPIC – A Sustainable Living Expo

    On May 14, 2011 EPIC held a Sustainable Living Expo at the Vancouver Convention Center. I had the opportunity to check it out for Chronicles of Times to highlight some of the events message: green living.