She’s Pink | Tallulah Lee

Posted on 30th September 2015 in fashion, lifestyle

Tallulah Lee (fb, instagram, archives), the artist formerly known as Lu Lee. East Van at heart, Miss Lee always has a certain casual flair to her that I quite enjoy capturing, this time it was pink, obviously. You can’t walk down a street lookin’ like Tallulah – having a mane of flowy pink hair – and expect a crowd not to gather.

I bet she has a motorcycle.

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Dreaming with Lu Lee

Posted on 12th March 2015 in fashion, lifestyle, risque

In a Gaze (day 1378)

Slip sideways with a fuzzy dream
And carry those loose blossoms
That follow your footsteps
With a delicate clutch,
Simply to answer questions
From far away strangers
With elegant movement,
Shared back in a gaze.


As always, Lu Lee (fb, archives) has made simple delight as elegant as a dream.

This shoot was done in the alleys of EastVan. Alleys in any downtown area are a little interesting to shoot in; it doesn’t really offer the same clean style one gets from shooting in a studio with a seamless, but I kind of like things being a little rough around the edges. However, shooting in an alley in a business district during working hours, it’s funny how many businesses really do use their alleys and loading docks. Who’d a thought?

I liked finding that Porsche sitting in the parking lot, conveniently.


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Siren | Lu Lee

Posted on 18th November 2014 in fashion, lifestyle

Lu Lee (fb, twitter) and I met on a Thursday and shot on a Sunday; pure business like that.

Lu and I headed out to Lighthouse Park to try and invoke some of mother natures gypsy heart on a foggy morning, and by the time we left there it was one of the sunniest afternoons Vancouver’s ever seen. I guess when a Siren is hanging around the sun comes out to play.

I’ve hiked through this park many times by now. Living in Vancouver and loving the arbutus tree this is probably one of the best parks for finding them in all their beauty, but this is the first time I’ve come out here for a shoot.

(aside: bring comfortable shoes to do the walk from the parking lot to the ocean’s edge)

The beautiful jewels seen in this shoot are all by Miriam of Piyan Designs (fb). One of the key accessories we talked about for the shoot was the felt hat she’s wearing. What a find.

Lu Lee - Ned Tobin - Siren

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