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  • Love + Hate | Nite Mare

    Thug Dance (day 1577) I’m an East Van thug I’ve got dimes for your eyes I wrote empty lines For shoes your size. Beats’n’bustin And breakin signs, I’ve locked this hood On playing this rhyme Crack crack Break a ga-lack Break your mother fuckin’ knees Smack; my attack From Hasting’s to Oppenheimer To Railtown smokin’ […]

  • East Van Candy Gangster | Nite Mare

    Nite Mare (fb, instagram, previous posts) is a dancer in the local burlesque troop The Lost Girls (previous posts, fb), regularly causing crowds to lose their minds. I thought about laying down some sick gangster southcentral LA lyrics as an intro to this photoshoot, but decided that, after all, I am not a gangster. SO, […]