The Strait of Georgia

Posted on 3rd December 2016 in adventure, nature

I cross the Strait of Georgia frequently. Back and forth, back and forth. I find that when I’m heading back to Vancouver Island I catch the best kind of sunset, if it’s not raining. On the way over, it’s usually around noon when I arrive – not so fine for them golden hour captures, but that’s all right. My trips over to the mainland are, for the most part, to do some photoshoots. If I’m lucky, I get to see a few friends.

There’s this funny thing I’m observing with myself, when I have photoshoots ahead of me, I tend to leave my camera in it’s bag and let the landscapes pass by with just my eyes watching, not my lens. I guess at the moment I’m ok with this, a focus of some sorts. But the idiom keeps popping up in my head: can’t see the forest for the tree.

This trip home I had just picked up a new to me 135mm lens from Russia, probably a 50 year old fully manual lens, so I was pretty eager to sit on top of the BC Ferry and catch some landscapes.

I’ve got to say, these are some of my favourite photographs of this crossing I’ve ever captured.

tech // Sony a7 / Jupiter 11A 135mm f4

Strait of Georgia from a BC Ferry by Ned Tobin
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Melancholic | Bunny Sumthin

Posted on 1st November 2015 in fashion

I met Bunny (instagram, fb) in the burlesque community. She’s a member of the Lost Girls Burlesque troupe (previous posts, fb) who are turning heads and raising hell throughout this fine land. She is also a member of the Screaming Chickens, and is currently studying to become a fashion designer. When Bunny came to me about doing this shoot she started talking about a lost soul looking out into the sea of darkness as if sad… so naturally we picked the word ‘melancholic’ to represent this shoot; turns out we’re both dramatic human beings!

As a location photographer I love the challenge of using any kind of daylight possible. Don’t get me wrong, the night presents a whole new level of play by throwing light around. On one hand, you lose all the beautiful natural backgrounds of location shooting, but on the other hand, it enables me to illuminate exactly how I want to, and create some of those dramatic contrasts I so do like. However, when our lights turned down low, things got a little NSFW, so those photographs wont be posted here.

We decided to head out to Porteau Cove along the Sea to Sky highway to do this shoot. I always like picking places that aren’t the usual spots. Actually, my first choice was another rare selection of beach along the highway, but as we pulled up I realized that I hadn’t looked at the tide schedule and we had timed it perfectly for high tide! Oh boy. Porteau Cove is nice because it has a big man made dock and supporting infrastructure, so we had lots of fun west coast rugged to shoot in, the only trick was timing it properly to avoid all the tourists that also stop at the exact same lookout.

This shoot was done using my Sony a7 and a Helios 44-2 58mm lens with a Fotodiox m42->e-mount adapter. This begins my journey into the world of manual (read: well made) lenses. If you’ll remember, my previous post was done with Amanda Swan and I had the domestic Sony Zeiss glass. That Zeiss glass is sure beautiful, but I’m looking for something just a little bit different. Shooting manual means shooting without any focus point indicators… without that little auto function of the lens. Sure does seem like a waste with 117 of them on the a7, but thems ams the breaks. It also means my f-stop is adjusted on the lens, not the camera body.

Without further delay, let the fun begin!


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Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Posted on 6th October 2015 in adventure, explored, nature, photojournalism, wandering

My brother is a nomad. He has a camper van and he likes to spend most of his time on dirt roads harvesting anything from mushrooms to blueberries. When he’s not tree planting that is.

I’m lucky enough to have him to call up when he’s off work and suggest journeys. He’s usually game without much of a fight, though sometimes I need to lure him with some kind of harvest or natural wonder.

This time we went to Ucluelet and Tofino, nestled deep within the great Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. We only actually went into Tofino once though, most of the time we’d spend in Ucluelet if we were anywhere near a city.

The day we arrived on the West side of Vancouver Island it was pouring rain, and also the final day of tourist season. That night the shorelines erupted with fireworks from the tourist hosts celebrating another season in the sun finished. We didn’t quite realize this was the case, which made finding accommodations rather interesting for us, as the campgrounds were closed. Queue camper van.

We’d spend our mornings trying to decide which beach we would go to, and spent most of our days huddling inside of driftwood barriers and huts some of the locals no doubt built as they waited for the surf to break. For my brother, this was pure bliss. Not a care in the world besides the suspense the author of his book decided to build. I, on the other hand, would find myself wandering as if conducting a science experiment.

Naturally, as I wandered I had my camera.

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Asana Yoga | Chvse North

Posted on 8th September 2015 in lifestyle

Traveling to Maui (video) to document and participate in Yoga University’s 200 hr immersion teacher training really instigated a desire to explore documenting. I’m trying to understand how this can work or what it even means to me, the best I can do is describe it by saying life.

Chvse North (instagram, fb) and I first connected by liking each other’s photographs on Instagram. She’s been causing quite a stir, shooting with lots of local photographers I admire (specifically Rick Legal) and kind of launching into this thing. I find that mutual respect isn’t something that can really be demanded, and when Chvse started talking about science and yoga, I knew we had to create together.

I said asana and Chvse bleached her hair.

This location was Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. The day we shot was bloody hot, I don’t know how Chvse didn’t fall over with heat stroke. Yes, I jumped in!

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Gallery of Landscapes

Posted on 12th January 2015 in adventure, explored, nature, wandering

Why not cure this severe wanderlust with a collection of landscapes I’ve shot from 2012 to 2014… That’ll do the trick, right?

Many of these photographs have had a whole fotoblog dedicated to them. If you do a search on the left you should be able to find more about the location. Some of these I haven’t released until now.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about any of the journeys in the comments below or email me. I love to share stories.

Oregon Coast, USA

Oregon Coast, USA

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