Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Posted on 29th December 2013 in adventure, architecture, explored

Taking myself back to last year to the land of sun, where I was sweeping through the streets of Athens, Greece admiring all the graffiti. It completely blew me away the amount of graffiti there, and it was hard to not get overwhelmed with so much. It can get very distracting just hunting for great works. I’ve done a few posts already on the graffiti I found (part 1, part 2).

However, I did a mythological tour too. I can’t imagine going to Athens and not… I found the hottest day possible to do my journey through Acropolis (ok, all the days were hot in Athens). It was much to my surprise to find out that unfortunately once I got within the gates of Acropolis, I wasn’t allowed to take my shirt off! I can still feel the exhaustion.

This is what I found.

Side of Aglaureion | Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Side of Aglaureion | Acropolis, Athens, Greece

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