Tag: photography

  • Model Shoot with Kimberbow in Calgary

    I recently made a trip up to Calgary to shoot with the illustrious Kimberbow where we had fun, and hit up a whole lot of great locations to boot. The first day we did the shoot on Nose Hill Park, a huge park inside Calgary territory. The next day we went out to the badlands…

  • A Country Wedding

    I had the fortune to get asked to do a wedding in Kamloops on the 20th of August, at a fun, beautifully planned and executed wedding. I worked with a partner who took photographs of the brides side, I got the groom! The list of photographs the newlyweds wanted was exhausting! But, hopefully we got…

  • Country Engagement Photoshoot

    Someones getting married! And they asked me to do their photographs! I’ll be doing their wedding as well, I’m pretty excited for it. This is Anita and Adrian.

  • Warehouse Fashion Shoot with Alicia Fashionista

    On the 26th, I had the opportunity to work with my good friend Alicia Fashionista , taking some fashion photographs of her. It’s getting ridiculously easy to work with her, so many great pictures within minutes.

  • Summer Solstice in Gastown, Vancouver

    On June 21st Vancouver hosted the Fete De La Musique in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC. I decided it was in my best interest to go wander around and see what I could find. The night started off meeting a friend, Indigo, where she was doing a live painting at the grand opening…