Siren | Lu Lee

Posted on 18th November 2014 in fashion, lifestyle

Lu Lee (fb, twitter) and I met on a Thursday and shot on a Sunday; pure business like that.

Lu and I headed out to Lighthouse Park to try and invoke some of mother natures gypsy heart on a foggy morning, and by the time we left there it was one of the sunniest afternoons Vancouver’s ever seen. I guess when a Siren is hanging around the sun comes out to play.

I’ve hiked through this park many times by now. Living in Vancouver and loving the arbutus tree this is probably one of the best parks for finding them in all their beauty, but this is the first time I’ve come out here for a shoot.

(aside: bring comfortable shoes to do the walk from the parking lot to the ocean’s edge)

The beautiful jewels seen in this shoot are all by Miriam of Piyan Designs (fb). One of the key accessories we talked about for the shoot was the felt hat she’s wearing. What a find.

Lu Lee - Ned Tobin - Siren

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