Budapest, Hungary

Posted on 13th November 2014 in architecture, explored

Every new city or country that I go to I always make sure to get a map. Maps are a must-have as far as I’m concerned, but that may just be because I’m a map junkie. Just yesterday I had cause to look up Budapest again (I watched the movie Grand Budapest Hotel and was trying to find if I had walked close/where it existed in Budapest) and as per usual, I tried to remember the places I had been and the streets I had walked. As I was trying to remember, I realized that when I was in Budapest I had been treating SouthEast as North. I was almost 180 degrees backwards!

It’s all in how you look at a map.. To get an idea of where abouts I was roaming in Budapest, you can find the Liberty Statue, which is just above the cross photograph below overlooking the river and old town of Budapest here. I was staying around District III.

Funny that in my exploration/posts of cities from my trip through Europe in 2012 the next city up is Budapest.

Coming from places like Athens and Bucharest, Budapest seemed very clean and kempt. It’s really hard to judge cities when you compare them to North American buildings and streets. It’s an age thing I think. Everything seemed, to me, wise and old and beautiful. Buildings I know had seen wars and revolutions and kings and queens and knights and prosperity. Kind of like Brussels in a way, but Budapest felt most spread out though which could perhaps be accredited to the flatter terrain.

It was also in Budapest that my friend Gábor – whom I had met while in London – commissioned me to do a painting for him.

Budapest Architecture by Ned Tobin
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Pedion Areos, Athens, Greece | Part II

Posted on 1st February 2014 in adventure, explored, wandering

Pedion Areos is an extremely beautiful park that I found on one of my last days in Athens. One thing I learned, thinking back on it no, is that if you want to find statues, go into parks!

This park had every little nook and cranny filled with beautiful statues. There was a whole alley that was lined with them. As I stepped into the alley, I came across a group of 7 or so doing a filming next to the statues I was so looking forward to photographing. Luckily, it was nothing like the film crews we’re used to here in North America, and there was only a handful of crew there. No pylons, no red tape.

After exploring for a while, I sat down and watched some old men playing what looked to me like backgammon and chewing sunflower seeds manically. There were little boys that came and accosted me, trying to get me to buy their seeds! After my experience in Istanbul, I knew to be wary of them youngins.

This is part II of my statues series in Athens. Part I is found here.

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Statues of Athens, Greece | Part I

Posted on 1st February 2014 in adventure, explored, wandering

I’ve been doing a lot of posts about my time in Athens. It’s true, there was so much to see there, so much that fascinated me. So much history, so much mythology. I’d walk the days around just clicking my camera all day.

One art form that I feel doesn’t get enough fame is sculpture. Perhaps it’s because of the length of time a sculpture usually takes. It’s no secret how our world is getting more and more into instant gratification… Athens had some monumental sculpture hundreds of years old. It is always a pretty cool experience for me to walk up and see the face of somebody who’s been gone from this world for many many years. I just wish I could have read the signs to identify who I was looking at!

It shocked me to see some of the busts hit with graffiti. There’s some things that just shouldn’t be done in my books…

This is Part I of my statues series in Athens. Part II is found here.

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