At Nature’s Ball with Suzka

Posted on 23rd February 2014 in fashion

In early January I had the pleasure to work with Suzka (fb, twitter) again. If you don’t remember out last shoot, we dipped into some of the alleys of Gastown to capture that New York style, she had her violin.

This time we decided to stay warm and take our magic indoors.

Suzka is a very driven and conscious woman making her mark in the music industry. Oddly enough I’ve never asked her to play a tune for me… Also, she’s a gorgeous human being.

I really connected with the location we were shooting at in North Van, as mother nature was everywhere: in the wood detailing, the giant tropical plants, and the character you get in a house that’s been lived in.

It was a tonne of fun working with her, and we both completely lost track of time in the shoot. Before we knew it, I think we had been shooting for about 6 hrs… One of those shoots where every single photograph makes you go yes.

The necklaces that make an appearance are from Miriam if Piyan Designs.

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