Garibaldi Park, Whistler, BC.

Posted on 22nd July 2012 in adventure, nature

Going through my¬† old photographs I remembered about this… doozie. The story of this was that I did almost all of the hike shooting in JPG’s…. When I realized this I was very devastated. Thus, the reason it has taken me so long to publish these photographs, as I took them in… Sept 24, 2011.

The hike was actually really cool. There is a loop you can do as you near the top, one way takes you by the base of the Black Tusk trail (a very ominous black peak that stares at you), or the lower trail. All trails eventually lead to Garibaldi Lake (I was still shooting in JPG’s at this time, and can hardly look at these photos).

I started the hike really late, and as I was coming down, it started to get dark. In total, it’s supposed to be a 5 hr hike. The last 30 minutes or so I was in darkness, and I actually passed a couple hiking down as I was going pretty fast. The girl was going really slow and was kind of freaking out. Normally I would have stopped and helped them out if I could have, but I had done the hike fairly quick and was, myself, starting to feel the exhaustion of the hike.

Some of them turned out great though, perhaps I’m being a snob.

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Whistler: A Trip For Snow

Posted on 1st March 2012 in adventure, nature, wandering

To long ago now, I headed up to Whistler for a day of snow in search of snowy trees with my good friend Baron. It had snowed all night before we left, overcast was we were on our way, then started snowing as we came to an end in Whistler. I think we found snow.. but we also lost a lens. Near the end of the day, I was tramping through the snow to get the ones of the river, and for some funny reason the mechanism within Baron’s lens got stuck on extended. Big bummer.

At any rate, we made it there and back safe, and that’s what count, and I don’t think I gave Baron a reason to hold onto the “Holy Fuck” bars as we barreled down the highway…

This was an outdoor shoot, so I knew that no artificial light would be needed. I packed my trusty wide angle [12-24 Tokina] and my 50mm [Canon f/1.8] with my Canon T1i body to do the deeds.

At one point when I was starting taking photographs, I was wondering how safe it was to take my camera out into the cold. I asked one man, Jack Brauer, an amazing scenery/mountain photographer if it was ok to take the gear out in weather conditions. He told me that in the many many years he’s been taking photographs, he hasn’t lost a camera due to the cold weather conditions. He said Ned, I use a Lowepro bag, and all is good. So, that’s what I went and bought the next day, which I still use to this day… though I should put out the disclaimer that Baron also had a Lowepro when his lens died.

At any rate, this is where we explored and photographed.

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