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  • The Ranch at Christmas

    Tonight my mom said, “I really miss my mom.” When I get stuck inside of my head, responses like, “I do too,” become unnecessary to me, yet so very necessary for conversation and community, for family. It’s hard to write that it’s not the same without my grandmother, it’s really not. Writing about it somehow […]

  • My Family History Tour of Latvia, 2012

    Latvia is a very special place in my heart, for many reasons. One of those reasons is that my family has a very long history there. If you’re not familiar with Riga, I’ve made two posts on the architecture there (Part I & Part II). Riga is a very beautiful old city in an old […]

  • Winter in Prince George, BC, Canada

    I’ve been hiding in Prince George, Northern British Columbia’s capital, all winter. Needless to say, we get snow and lots of it. Having the dog, Angus, with me here, I’ve enjoyed going for long walks daily with the dog. It’s nice now that the snow is gone, as it makes walking easier and less clothing […]

  • Heffley Creek, BC, Canada

    I have spent a lot of my lifetime in and around Heffley Creek, BC, Canada. My mother grew up there, and I’ve many cousins, aunties, uncles, and a grandmother there. It’s one of those places that is easy to drive through and not pay any attention to since I’ve been through there so many times. […]

  • Smithers: Up High Along the Alpine Level

    Last Christmas I did a trip with my brothers out to Smithers for a weekend of snowboarding with my good buddy Neil. The boarding was killer, the weather couldn’t have been better (nice and cold, just the way we like our snowboarding/beer), and the skies were also beautiful. It’s always a fight for me when […]