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  • Night Signs | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Lately I’ve been taking to wandering the streets of Vancouver at night. Part because I’m working pretty hard during the day, and partly because that’s when I find the walk most calming to my mind. Old signs, new signs, not signs at all. I enjoy capturing landmarks of the Vancouver lower East Side as much […]

  • Vancouver Street Photography

    It’s been a while since I wandered a city for street photographs; people of the street that look interesting enough for me to press that shutter. I always see people that are interesting, but a lot of the time I leave my fast camera at home and stick to my smartphone camera. I guess part […]

  • Yaletown Fashion Shoot with Alicia Fashionista

    One of my favorite people to photograph is Alicia Fashionista. She is a very beautiful girl AND has some amazing style. As we keep working together, the time it takes us to get some good photographs becomes quicker and funner! Anyways, we took to the streets in Yaletown for this shoot, on a beautifully harsh […]