Vanity | Amanda Swan

Posted on 26th October 2015 in fashion

When Amanda Swan (MM) and I started talking about this shoot, she mentioned that she had a great backyard and a vanity to use. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for location shoots. When I arrived to shoot, she had pumpkins growing in the front yard and a molding Charlie Chaplin framed poster in her back yard. Immediately I thought all things magic.

Officially, this is my first full frame camera photoshoot. I’ll be doing a full review of the camera shortly, but needless to say, the Sony Alpha7 is one hell of a camera. I had the full frame 55mm f1.8 Carl Zeiss lens on the a7, which did an absolutely crystal clear job of the whole thing. The legend of the Zeiss glass is no myth; these things are sharp. Also trying to utilize the 117 focus points was kind bizarre coming from the 9 focus points on my Canon T1i! It is definitely something I’ll have to practice to get faster at.

Now, Vanity.


Amanda CookieCraven Swan - Ned Tobin - Vanity

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