Drag my Heart | Ann Narky

Posted on 17th July 2014 in fashion, portraits & headshots, risque

Ann Narky is a very foxy lady with a go big or go home attitude. When I pulled up to location she was standing outside her car fully done up and ready to rock and roll as homeless bottle collectors pushed their fully loaded shopping carts on by. She had the props, the outfits, refreshments, the hair, and the attitude ready. A dream to work with.

We did the shoot down in the warehouse district of East Van, just south of Terminal and east of Main.

As usual, my trusty Canon T1i and 50mm 1.8 was used.

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She is Jewels | Miriam of Piyan Designs

Posted on 15th May 2014 in fashion, portraits & headshots

Miriam of Piyan Designs is a very creative and outgoing individual who I first came into contact with because I fell in love with her jewels. I said, “Miriam, we have to work together.” Since then she’s given me unlimited use of her amazing jewels. Lucky me, I know.

For this incredible kindness she has shown me, and her being a beautiful woman, I said, “Miriam, I want to take your photograph.” I actually said portrait, but it kind of turned into a bit more than that. When I arrived to take her photograph, she had two other women there to do makeup and styling! I was like oh it’s on, this girl is business. She was incredibly fun and easy to work with and we had the photographs I had wanted to get in no time flat!

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In the Rain with Pardeep

Posted on 15th February 2014 in portraits & headshots

As a photographer, it is my job to play with the environment, the location, the model, the weather, and my camera, all at the same time. Every single time I shoot, at least one is being temperamental.

Taking photographs in Vancouver, naturally the environment and weather are always a big factor. Rain. Yes, rain. Always looming. Well, not always, but in the winter months, always.

Pardeep and I have been friends for a while, as we first met on Twitter. On my latest trip to Vancouver I put out some feelers for anybody looking to make some magic, to do a shoot, and she expressed interest in getting some portraits done. Not typical portraits, she wanted character and reflections! I tried my best!

We picked a day when it was very cold, and drizzling slightly, and right along the inlet so that it would be as cold and miserable as possible for us making our magic. We all know that nothing good comes easy, right?

Pardeep was an absolute jewel to work with, and her motivation and eagerness kept us pushing on for more!

We shot in Crab Park – on the outskirts of Gastown – then went inside and had some tea (*read: warmed up & gathered motivation), and finished the shoot wandering into Gastown a little bit.

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The Sound of Suzka

Posted on 29th December 2013 in fashion, portraits & headshots

Suzka (fb, twitter) is a professional Violinist, Vocalist, and Songwriter. This translates to: hard worker with a passion she’s following. It is very admirable. I really enjoyed connecting with her to create this shoot together. Not because I made her work in a cold Vancouver day, and not because she’s absolutely beautiful, but because she was truly interested and as excited as I was to do the shoot. I like enthusiasm, perhaps because it encourages me to push for that perfect photograph that much harder.

When we were going over the wardrobe, she pulled out one of her violins to show me. Being familiar with instruments myself, it was fairly easy to see it was old. She casually told me it was about 100 years old… No big deal.

The theme for the shoot was New York alleys. I’m not sure how easy that was to do in Vancouver, or never having been to New York, but I think we got enough brick..

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AlphaSiren is a Writer

Posted on 21st December 2013 in black and white, portraits & headshots

I connected with AlphaSiren (FB, Twitter, Instagram) a little while ago mostly because it turned out she was looking for a website to get built. Maybe that’s not all true. I read a few of her articles on HUSH first. I really dug them because they challenge society to think about how we’re living, and what we perceive in our current society.

AlphaSiren is a powerful writer exploring sex and relationships, feminism, and the alt-scene (of Vancouver). She unabashedly puts her money where her mouth is and writes about things she is genuinely interested in; exploring and sharing. I like this kind of writer, a very powerful combination.

After talking with her for a while – and submitting to her tenacious plan to conquer – we began to think of some projects we could work on together. The first one was a quick professional portrait shoot.

We initially planned to shoot in a café. Sunday afternoon they were full, so we headed over to Charles Bar in Gastown, Vancouver and began shooting [and some football]. Honestly, no better way to get into the mood with a glass of wine and large windows.

It was interesting for me to work on this more professional headshot/portrait stuff, as it’s something I’ve not had a lot of experience doing, but very interested in doing. I feel this style is formal but showing little touches of personality. That’s my goal always/anyways as a photographer.

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