Category: events

  • 212 Boutique Fashion Show at Montauk Sofa

    A few weeks ago now, I had the pleasure to be asked to photograph 212 Boutique’s fashion event at Montauk Sofa for their fall/winter 2011 preview. It was especially fun for me because I was able to check out behind the scenes as the models were getting all prettied up, how everything works.

  • Pecha Kucha 18 at The Vogue Theatre

    A few weeks ago already was Pecha Kucha Night #18 in Vancouver, at the Vogue Theatre. As always, these events are very illuminating and rewarding to be a part of. This night was my third of such nights, and I hope I will continue to get to cover these nights, as I also do it […]

  • A Country Wedding

    I had the fortune to get asked to do a wedding in Kamloops on the 20th of August, at a fun, beautifully planned and executed wedding. I worked with a partner who took photographs of the brides side, I got the groom! The list of photographs the newlyweds wanted was exhausting! But, hopefully we got […]

  • Vancouver’s Celebration of Lights – Spain Edition 2011

    Every year in Vancouver we host the Celebration of Lights, a celebration piqued with fireworks: Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday it seems every time. For the first Wednesday show this year, I headed down to Kits beach where I caught some nice shots, and took a few of the lit Vancouver cityscape afterwards. The key? tripod […]

  • Vancouver’s Wall at The Bay

    I took a stroll down to the epicenter of the riots some silly folks in Vancouver decided to partake in after the Canucks lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Vancouver reacted to this by showering effected shop owners with love and cleanup efforts that warmed many devastated heart, including writing slogans of hope […]