Faces of San Francisco | Part I

Posted on 30th November 2012 in Street Photography

In April of 2012 I drove down the coast of America to San Francisco. It was a very beautiful drive for me, sunsets and seals were involved, and a perfect way to start off the trip [see The Road to San Francisco]. I had about a week.

When I arrived in San Fran, I realized that I’d be walking everywhere. I parked my car in a garage, pulled out my camera and toothbrush and walked it up to my hotel room. I had rented the cheapest place I could find, in the most central, downtown location I could find. As it turned out, it was right in the heart of San Francisco, exactly where I wanted to be.

The hotel room was pretty cool. I couldn’t help but feel I was following in the footsteps of some of my rock and roll idols that have played and hung around in the places I was heading to. Whatever I gotta do to make the dream come alive, right?

Each of my days I would spend wandering around; walking in a new direction with only my camera and bright eyes leading me. It was a beautiful trip. I met many very interesting faces, and talked to many interesting people.

I would do it again in a heart beat.


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Faces of Istanbul, Turkey | Part I

Posted on 5th November 2012 in Street Photography

Following my time in Darmstadt, I was forced to leave the Schengen region because I had been there for far to long [Schengen Region is the coalition of countries that make up most of the EU]. I decided that Istanbul, Turkey sounded like a very romantic place for me to head off to by myself and get into something I had no idea of!

Turkey was busy. It was very… I want to say sandy-feely. I spend a little time on one of the Princes Islands basking in the sun and swimming in what I thought was the Mediterranean, but it was just the Sea of Marmara.

This is Part I of a two part series (Part II here).


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Brick Walls and Cobblestones with Krystena McCrudden

Posted on 4th August 2012 in fashion

This shoot was the first time I’ve connected with a model from Model Mayhem. What seems to happen is last minute cancellations… I must stop myself from ranting here, go to my twitter feed if you want to hear my rants!

So, Krystena McCrudden (Model Mayhem & Facebook) met me in a town in Southern Germany called Heidelberg, one of the few places that wasn’t completely bombed and destroyed in WWII because the Americans decided it would be a nice place to use as their military base [so the rumors go]. I got there early, as I had skipped out on work due to a fun birthday party the night before.. and the train was leaving…

So, I had time to walk around and find the spots that fit my fancy. I really cannot stress how much this helps me when I’m doing a photoshoot. It’s just a part of preparation that ensures you get the shots you’re hoping for. Otherwise, you’re walking in blind.

I shot the whole thing with my trusty T1i, and the 50mm 1.8 on the front. Nothing more.

Krystena is a pro. She came prepared with a dozen outfits, wasn’t scared to flaunt her stuff, and yes, almost everybody that walked by had their jaws dropped, men and women, boys and girls alike.

We met by the old bridge, and roamed from there..

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Brugges, Belgium

Posted on 28th July 2012 in adventure, architecture, wandering

It’s been troubling me for a while as to how to go about keeping my travel blog live with photographs, as well as this with photographs, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s ok to post them in both places. Afterall, more the merrier right?

Brugges was a cute little town that I wandered into with the hopes to kill a day of travel. I found a weird city. It was small and beautiful, but people looked at me like I was invading a bit. Not that this has ever bothered me, but it’s just the feeling you get sometimes. Though, I did plunk down at a nice little cafe and pull out my laptop for about 2 hrs, so that place was very nice and beautifully creative: the way that I would have a small cafe.

Yes, I would still highly recommend it.

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365 Days of Romina

Posted on 25th April 2012 in fashion

Recently Richmond Tourism hosted an international job posting competition that was very unusual indeed. Contestants from around the world applied in a battle for popularity and charm, for being the most creative and innovative foodies around. The job position is for their 365 Days of Dining project, in Richmond BC, where the successful applicant will be paid to explore 365 different restaurants in Richmond.

Well, of the 1500+ applicants Tourism Richmond had, Romina Moradi, of Small Girl, Big Plate fame, was selected as one of the Top 12 Finalists. Needless to say, she’s beside herself with excitement, and pressure to get as many likes as she possibly can on the Facebook page, so please, head here [ top 12 finalists ]  and vote for Small Girl, Big Plate before you continue reading this post!

For this shoot, we started outdoors to catch the remaining un-rainy time of the day, and then moved indoors to get a few kitchen shots.

The outdoor shots, I had brought my speedlite with me, but as I powered it on, it popped once, and then turned itself off. I guess I had a dud battery… It was light out anyways, and the show went on! Outside, I shot with my 50mm, the trusty steed she is.

Indoors, I set up both my Yongnuo speedlites with softboxes attached to them, connected to my Cowboy Studio wireless triggers: one camera left, one camera right. I also was forced to then use my 18-55mm EFS kit lens for the rest of the shoot since a 50mm just simply doesn’t give me the range I want.

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