Balloons & Bubble Gum With Miss Brooke

Posted on 19th August 2013 in fashion

I connected with Miss Brooke on Model Mayhem to work on my summer attitude style I’ve been wanting to explore with sleeveless crop tops and bubblegum badass.

I really enjoyed having such a large prop to use [balloons]. It really added some fun to it. I think I’ll be exploring this in more detail to come. All the photographs were taken in Fort George Park, in Prince George, BC.

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Bottling Madness Screams Date Night

Posted on 17th October 2012 in fashion, foto story

Scene 1: The wait..

Patience. The inevitable. The impossible. Ignore. Indulge.


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Brick Walls and Cobblestones with Krystena McCrudden

Posted on 4th August 2012 in fashion

This shoot was the first time I’ve connected with a model from Model Mayhem. What seems to happen is last minute cancellations… I must stop myself from ranting here, go to my twitter feed if you want to hear my rants!

So, Krystena McCrudden (Model Mayhem & Facebook) met me in a town in Southern Germany called Heidelberg, one of the few places that wasn’t completely bombed and destroyed in WWII because the Americans decided it would be a nice place to use as their military base [so the rumors go]. I got there early, as I had skipped out on work due to a fun birthday party the night before.. and the train was leaving…

So, I had time to walk around and find the spots that fit my fancy. I really cannot stress how much this helps me when I’m doing a photoshoot. It’s just a part of preparation that ensures you get the shots you’re hoping for. Otherwise, you’re walking in blind.

I shot the whole thing with my trusty T1i, and the 50mm 1.8 on the front. Nothing more.

Krystena is a pro. She came prepared with a dozen outfits, wasn’t scared to flaunt her stuff, and yes, almost everybody that walked by had their jaws dropped, men and women, boys and girls alike.

We met by the old bridge, and roamed from there..

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Yaletown Fashion Shoot with Alicia Fashionista

Posted on 1st March 2012 in fashion

One of my favorite people to photograph is Alicia Fashionista. She is a very beautiful girl AND has some amazing style. As we keep working together, the time it takes us to get some good photographs becomes quicker and funner!

Anyways, we took to the streets in Yaletown for this shoot, on a beautifully harsh sunny day; something I’m actually enjoying as of late for it’s contrast it provides in a photograph.

For this shoot, I just carried my 50mm [Canon f/1.8]. It’s an easy choice when I have space to move back, with my Canon T1i body.

Now tell me, isn’t she just amazing?

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You Can Do Anything in An Evening Gown with Sandra

Posted on 10th February 2012 in fashion

Sandra (@sandraoco) is a tall girl, with beautiful red hair and a smile that sparks mischievous in an instant. I had no doubt that we had to shoot in front of vivid colors.

Perhaps we were pushing it to try and get some shots of her indoors, with a dark dress and a darker olive coloured couch, but we tried to make it happen! After the little indoor portion, where we moved from the couch, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, we then headed into the streets to find those vivid colours we were looking for. I had just the place in mind.

I’m learning to not be afraid of moving furniture around the house to make it fit my image. So long as I’m just as nice and return it back to where it was before I started! I think doing that also excites people a bit, gets people into it a bit more, as if saying: “Ok, it’s on now. Let’s get dirty!” It’s always fun as the shoots progress, both the model and myself I find warm up to each other, getting comfortable with the process.  The creative ideas start to flow, suggestions come out, and I find that the art really starts to come out in a mutual feeding kind of environment.

I’m so happy with the way the outdoor shots turned out. I could have posted about 100 more of them..

This was my first shoot with a model using my diffuser cap. I know, it’s not a very big thing, but still, it was a new way to shoot. It worked pretty good, but I was still getting shadows. I think perhaps this was because I was thinking now that I had a diffuser, I could just point the flash directly at the model and I would have ambient light without shadows. No, no, that’s not how it works, although there was magic, not that kind of magic! So, the rules still apply. You must still try and bounce light off of white ceilings, walls, point the flash off to the side, or hold it at weird angles to fill the area required to avoid any kind of shadow. In these situations, it would be nice to have a second person there to hold it for you, but one can’t always get what they want.

So, without further adieu.

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