Coal Harbor with Christine Anne

Posted on 22nd January 2012 in fashion

This weekend I had the pleasure to capture Christine Anne (@christinean) with my camera. We headed to a apartment in Coal Harbor, provided to us by the amazing Jill Sinclair (@hotrodrealtor), in an area pretty close to Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver. The view was amazing, but we weren’t there to observe the scenery, we were there to shoot.

Upon arriving, I was immediately impressed with the lighting in the place: very ambient. Also, I was very happy with the furniture, I loved the couch we were able to use.

Christine Anne┬áhadn’t done much modeling before, but she was amazing to work with, smiled very nicely, and, well, you can see for yourself how stunning she is.

What I used for the shoot was my Canon T1i. I don’t like to use it, but because of close quarters of the apartment, I was forced to either use my wide-angle or my 18-55mm kit lens, so I chose the 18-55 to use because it would allow me to also get detail shots without having to change my lens. It turned out to work pretty good afterall. I also had my Yongnuo flash in hand, attached by a coil-cable to my hotshoe so I could have more freedom to place it wherever I wanted, since I didn’t have a stand for it. For the most part, I used the natural reflector built into the flash, with the flat surface of the reflector pointed at Miss C.

I’m trying to learn lighting, so if you have any suggestions as to what you would have done differently, I’d love to hear.

Hope you enjoy!

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