Our New Farm, Red Spruce

This year has been a year of building, that’s for sure. Almost everything has really taken a back seat to building. I’ve only now had a chance to take a look at some of the photographs I’ve taken over the time.

Let me step back a second.

In 2017 we bought land in Nova Scotia in Pictou County. We live in Poplar Hill. In 2018, dad and I arrived to meet Bart here in late April and we at once began planning and building.

It took quite a while to really get things rolling. There was brainstorming, frustration dealing with last minute contractor cancellations, permits, and schedules to deal with – the ever ominous: “I should be able to make it there next week.” But with the three of us, joined by mom in the early part of summer, we kept moving forward. When we weren’t able to work on the house, we worked on out buildings. In those early days we would drive into town almost every day to pick up supplies, which was frustrating for all of us. It took us quite a while to get into the mindset of anticipating what things we needed to buy to keep us busy for a few days rather than just one or two days, and also buying enough supplies for the full job at once, rather than one step at a time. We also had to head into town nearly daily for groceries since we were living in a small cabin with no electricity, and a shower at the Pictou County rec center (which we are still doing to this day).

So many things have happened that I’ll kind of just rattle off here. Perhaps it would be better suited in the intro of a photobook.

We got a dog, an Australian Shepherd, we named Ruu. Alex Knicker joined us for so much of the summer giving her more than willing helping hand; I’m sure her blood has been imprinted in the planks used here many times over. We bought a tractor to use with our new-to-us disc harrow, sickle bar mower, wood chipper/shredder, and successfully spread lime and seeded the working land (~30 acres) we have here – yes, I did get the tractor stuck a few times which Bart, like a champion, helped me dig out. Bart bought a 4-wheeler, I bought a dual-sport motorbike. The tools, oh the tools! We build two 8’x12′ cabins, and one 12’x16′ chicken coop), one outhouse, and we are now almost complete building a 1800sq.ft (main floor) insulated concrete form (ICF) house (just about finished hardwood flooring and tiling the bathrooms). There are deer that cross our field daily now, and a few days ago we saw a coyote looking curious. There is a group of white breasted snow birds that are regular here now this winter. The raccoons have hibernated, as have the pheasants.

What a learning experience.

I still sleep in the chicken coop. There’s definitely a few reasons why I do, but the biggest two are that the house isn’t quite ready for living nor do we have a live-in inspection done, also, in the coop I sleep with the dog (and sometimes cat) on my legs.

Spring at the creek
Soon to be view of homestead
Lower and Upper Fields with leftover corn stalks
Cabin #1 – First Dad and mine, then mom and dad’s.
Kioti DK65
Summer camp
Bart’s copper pheasants
Mom & Dad enjoying summer in our kitchen
Late summer phase of House
Ruu (~4 months old)
Bart & Juliana’s Solarium
Autumn view of horse pasture
Lower field with successful pasture mix seeded
Bart & Juliana’s Solarium
A weathered and abandonned cabin #1
Sickle bar mower business end
Fully roofed with windows and doors (septic field in foreground)
Ruu (~ 5 months old)
Siding complete on house
Alex laying tile in the master bathroom
Ruu (~6 months)
Suzuki DR650SE
View of the homestead



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6 responses to “Our New Farm, Red Spruce”

  1. Cyril Avatar

    Glad you had time to share. Your house and property look fabulous. Your family toil must be a source of great pride. You might not be able to enjoy the luxury this house offers. If you need any advice on how to be lazy, I am your man!

    1. ned Avatar

      Will keep you in mind U. Cyril! Hope you’re coming to visit soon, we’ll whip that lazy right outa you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Janpen Avatar

    Amazing Ned. Especially your land is rich with food, meat. In the hunting season you should stop eating J. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ned Avatar

      I donโ€™t want to say Iโ€™ve been thinking about it, Janpen! ?

      1. Janpen Avatar

        Yes it’s me.

  3. Janpen Avatar

    The photos are beautiful and the story is interesting Ned.but I think, in the hunting season you should stop eating J. 555

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