Animals on the Farm

I think it’s not a farm unless there’s some kind of animal living on it that’s not human. Even just one chicken. It was definitely hard waiting to get animals here until we were ready, as we were all very eager to get on with the farming business rather than building dwellings and preparing proper living conditions and storage for the animals and produce we nurture here.

An example of what I’m talking about is with hay. We got animals before we had a place to store hay, we even got haying equipment! And there’s no way around the fact that over winter, animals need hay. However, we haven’t until this year had the space to store hay, and as a result, we have lost a lot of hay (read: learned hard lessons) to the elements. We did happily take the rotting hay and throw it on our garden as compost, but would have preferred to let the animals eat it all winter without having to buy good feed.

Now, we have quite the array of animals here. I’ve started keeping counts every few months (48 at last count). Spring is coming, so it’s going to be a time of newborns. Here’s a look at some of the special moments with them.

white cat named Bernie
Dachshund wiener dog named Elvis
Elvis | Dashshund
black and white cat named Luna
curious guinea fowl
Guinea Fowl
Dachshund named Alizé
Alizé | Dachshund
Great Pyrenees named Rosie
Rosie | Great pyrenees
Howie the North Country Cheviot ram and Coola the Alpine goat
Howie (North Country Cheviot ram) (l) and Coola (Alpine goat) (r)
Howie the North Country Cheviot ram, with Bella the Nubian goat and Coola the Alpine goat
Howie (North Country Cheviot ram) (l), Coola (Alpine goat) (m), and Bella (Nubian goat) (r)
Rosie and Pogo, both Great Pyrenees dogs
Rosie (l) and Pogo (r) | Great Pyrenees
Rosie and Pogo, both Great Pyrenees dogs
Rosie (l) and Pogo (r)
a Lavender Orpington rooster
lavender orpington
North Country Cheviot ewes in the snow
North Country Cheviot ewes
Pogo a Great Pyrenees dog with the North Country Cheviots
Pogo | Great Pyrenees
Shawna a Highland heifer
Shawna | Highland heifer
Lucinda our Highland heifer
Lucinda | Highland heifer
Clover our Jersey/Holstein mix heifer
Clover | Jersey / Holstein heifer
Rosie and Pogo our Great Pyrenees dogs drinking from a puddle
Rosie & Pogo | Great Pyrenees
The young Rosie and Pogo our Great Pyrenees
Pogo (l) and Rosie (r) | Great Pyrenees
Sasso chickens, our meat birds
young sasso chickens


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